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    Had to get Greenflag out. Good bloke called Dave managed to get in and sorted things out ... swore like a trooper though! Will be getting it into a Ford garage asap to get them to have a look at it. Cheers Mark

    Just locked up my Mondeo 57 plate Titanium X. All of a sudden the alarm starts, lights flashing, the full works. Alarm has stopped, but hazards are still on, front lights on, radio blaring away to itself, main dash on?! Remote key fob doesn't work so cant open the doors / boot. The small metal key that comes with the remotes doesn't seem to work. Anyone got any ideas / know what the problem may be. If all else fails I'll have to call Green Flag out. Cheers Mark
  3. Cheers, Lets see how long I get out of these but will be keeping a close eye on the pressure, and booking in for a full wheel alignment asap. All the best Mark
  4. Hi I bought a 57 plate Titanium X last October (08) 2nd owner with low mileage. Since Feb 09 I've had to replace all 4 tyres which isn't cheap! I don't know if it's my driving style, although left my boy racer days years ago. The main wear seems to be on the inside of the tyre which cracks and disintergrates, and in the worst case the tyre came completely away from the inside of the alloy. Anyone any ideas / suggestion? Am I doing something wrong or is this something I just need to keep my eye on and make sure the tyre pressure is spot on. Cheers Mark
  5. ABS problem

    Hi. Please bear with me as I'm new to this forum stuff! My wife has a Ford Ka, about 5 years old. Very low mileage and only used for short trips. Recently the ABS warning lights have come on, and the garage we have used are suggesting a new ABS control unit is required ... at a cost of over £500!! Has anyone suffered the same problem, and can you offer any advice? Many thanks Mark