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  1. It's probably a stocks and shares ISA, there's no cash ISA in the country that would ever pay that much.
  2. I've been on this forum for a long time, and am always amazed by your sheer knowledge. I'm guessing you must work for Ford or one of their suppliers?
  3. Jumper cables. Electric tyre inflator. That's pretty much it!
  4. I think Eco mode on the Mk2/Mk2.5 Focus simply might have been an indicator on the dash telling you when to shift gears or something. But there's never been an Eco mode on the Mk2/Mk2.5 Focus (to my knowledge) that is linked to the PCM or Engine management functions that saves fuel in the way you're thinking.
  5. I did this (install a custom android HU) back when I had my Mk2.5 Focus. It was pretty easy removing the old unit and putting the new one in. But it took so much faffing about and cursing, trying to get the wiring harness to fit far enough back into the hole in the dash behind the head-unit, so that the head-unit wouldn't stick out, and the screws would align. Most android head-units come with a GPS dongle - you need to place it on your dash somewhere, and then run the cable back behind the head-unit. If I remember correctly, you can run the cable behind the headunit, across and behind the glovebox, and then exit the cable near the A-pillar/door frame. I stuck mine to the front left corner of my dash with lots of blue-tack - barely noticeable when driving, and it never once moved in the years I had it. Regarding GPS apps - install whatever you want. Download the APK for the app you want off the internet, transfer it to the head-unit via bluetooth, SD memory card, USB or whatever, and you're golden. I used Waze most of the time.
  6. I have a TSB account... It only has 100 quid in it, and I haven't touched it in ages. Didn't even bother activate the new debit card they sent me recently lol. I signed up ages ago, back when they used to offer market leading rates, now they're crap. If there's any referral we can both benefit from let me know 😁 I use 'Ford Money' which offer market leading rates, and have done for some time. The customer service is great, and they're FSCS protected up to 85k, so you don't have to worry about them going bust. Google it, and check it out. Also check the rates on the comparison websites like I said, maybe there are one or two accounts out there offering decent rates still, not sure.
  7. Agree with most saying Morrisons is crap, even on my old 1.6 NA Focus, it didn't like it. MPG seems much lower as well. Asda petrol is surprisingly OK, Tesco too. Shell Fuel save actually does seem to net higher MPG, but I don't have any within a reasonable distance of me, and the price usually being much higher than supermarket fuels doesn't make it worth it. Just wish I had a CostCo near me.
  8. I think the washers were for HIDs, I am yet to see a car with LED lights (for dipped beam) that has washers (not saying it doesn't exist, just haven't seen it, even on some Audi's BMW etc.) My car has adaptive LED headlights, and no washers.
  9. Two quick tips I can think of for you: 1) I believe you can possibly setup a peppercorn direct debit to a charity (say 1 or 2 quid a month) to help you qualify for the direct debit criteria for the account (read T&Cs to be sure) 2) There are a lot of offers for switching current accounts, some banks give around 100 quid cash, might be worth investigating these? Yes interest rates suck at the moment, you really have to have a lot of money in a savings account (e.g. at least 50k) to get even a small return (62.5 quid a month @ 1.5%, for the 50k example) I believe HSBC used to have a monthly saver account where you pay in 250 each month, and get between 3-5% interest back at the end of the year upon maturity. If you can afford to save that much, might be worth investigating. There's also those comparison websites (e.g. comparethemarket) for savings accounts and current accounts, check that out too.
  10. Back when I had my Mk2.5 Focus, I went to a Morrisons to fill up (never usually go there) as it was really cheap. The damn pump kept cutting out every 2 seconds. I went inside the kiosk to tell one of the attendants, the old bat pretty much accused me of lying and making it up just to try and get free petrol. She said the pumps have gone through numerous tests and they're accurate (I never said they were inaccurate, I just said there was a problem with the pump constantly clicking off). I paid for the few quid of petrol I managed to get in, and drove off annoyed.
  11. I'm told the dome lights are surface mount LEDs (i.e. they are soldered to the PCB), so you cannot change them unfortunately.
  12. Keep in mind that's pretty much the worst case scenario. It's winter driving (MPG drops) with VERY short journeys, plus I live in a town where there's traffic lights every few meters, so it's constant acceleration/braking for me.
  13. Guessing you have a manual? I have the 2.0 EcoBoost Auto, and get between 20-25 in town, and around 40 on the motorway.
  14. Sadly the noise is back 😞 Yes it does happen in both directions... Wonder if it could be anything related to the steering rack issues/recall, even though its a late 2016 build
  15. That's why I said you need to contact the Exec office for a result, I am already aware that the dealers are fobbing off people (it's their favourite pastime)