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  1. It really bothers me (and other owners) that they didn't extend this concept to the passenger side wing mirror too!
  2. Incontro


    uh oh... insurance is due for renewal in about a week and was thinking of giving hastings direct a go as they're the cheapest...
  3. Incontro


    anyone notice the number of robo calls has dropped significantly the past two-three months? i'd rather have the annoying phishing emails/spam any day over those
  4. sounds like Alex is in the same business as me lol
  5. yeah well that's cause your name is lenny 😂
  6. get house first then car 🙂 you spend far more time in one than the other, plus having a bad car will only scare away the gold diggers 😉
  7. if they're just regular alkaline batteries (non rechargeable) then they're not as explosive or volatile as say li-ion batteries are, so you should be alright i reckon though i'm impressed you managed to squash batteries with seemingly just your hands, are you lenny? haha
  8. what would you invest in?
  9. That's what I sometimes feel like doing with the Mondeo At least I've saved a fair bit of money from not going out to the pub almost every weekend though because of covid, and also not driving in general. Fires are horrible though! I'm kinda paranoid about them after seeing a work colleague's Galaxy S6 phone spontaneously explode a couple or so years ago whilst charging lol. The smell of the resulting cloud of smoke was awful, probably a concoction of chemicals that would wipe a few years off your life if you breathed enough of it in, needless to say myself and most people left the area pretty quickly but a few crazy people lingered around!
  10. LG also doesn't inject adverts and spy on your personal data like samsung does with their newer TVs AFAIK
  11. hard to tell tbh as it doesn't scream fake, but if there's a large price disparity then probably only way to really tell is to check it in person. but i personally wouldn't buy it/take the risk, i think the odds aren't in your favour btw if you did buy a new laptop and wanted to preserve the battery, the trick is to charge it up to 60%, take it out of the laptop, and store it in a cool dry place (e.g. cupboard somewhere) and just use the laptop on AC power all the time.
  12. @TomsFocus Only high-end and business laptops had AC WiFi back in 2014, so probably even less mainstream in 2013. Your laptop most likely has regular b/g/n WiFi card in it, meaning it's limited to 54Mbps maximum. But obviously that's the theoretical maximum, so you'll likely achieve much less than that due to radio interference etc. You could replace the WiFi card with a newer one (assuming you laptop supports it and it has an 'open' BIOS or you find a compatible part from the manufacturer), or use ethernet, or just put up with it lol
  13. Incontro

    no s*x

    You're forgetting the pizza delivery guy
  14. probably! never do have a coin on me when i actually do need a damn trolley though
  15. A whole pound coin under the drivers seat Yep officially rich now guys