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  1. Things I don't like... The fact that it's Monday after sleeping in a couple of hours time. Also didn't like witnessing a pheasant get hit by a car doing approx. 40 MPH on the other side of the road. 😞 It was originally on my side of the road, and the elderly lady driving really slow in front in an old white Hyundai hatchback braked hard and swerved a bit to avoid it, only for the bird to continue running onto the other side and get hit.
  2. If there was negligence involved (on behalf of your employer), I would be contacting a personal injury lawyer... Hope you get better soon.
  3. things i dont like - I don't like receiving a court notice in the post today, stating that the claimant's case (against me) has been allocated to the small claims court track... im gonna defend the case in full out of principle, but it's just such hassle, and a waste of time when i could be doing better/more interesting things if anyone is wondering, it's one of those stupid private parking companies - i got caught out by ANPR 😥
  4. haha love it! although as ford owners we also get the ***** taken out of ourselves - i'm well used to hearing "Fix Or Repair Daily" my favourite for vauxhall/chevy owners has become GM = Government Motors 😂
  5. I keep seeing on the Ford UK facebook page that the new diesel/ecoblue transits are plagued with drivetrain/engine issues... Although Fords have had issues for a long time now, definitely since at least the early 2000's. I don't know if things seem to be getting better or worse though? I'd bet on better since automation has replaced a lot of manual processes/tasks, and a machine is more reliable than a human.
  6. The ones that treat their loyal customers like monkeys well deserve to go bust!
  7. yeah looks terrible, it looks as bad as the nissan juke / puke (or worse) why can't ford build proper cars... like hybrid sedans/small SUVs... that are fast yet get good mileage... like a hybrid mondeo/focus that can go fast... i'd rather even drive the ford escape hybrid of the early 2000's - far better looking car than the ugly Puma! gets 36 MPG in town, and does 0-60 in under 10 seconds... what was ford thinking?!
  8. Brilliant suggestion mate, love your out of the box thinking there! I'm tempted to try, but knowing myself I'd probably find some way to **** it up big time... I'll probs just leave it as is
  9. can't do this lenny, as i live in a flat unfortunately (and so does everyone else i know)
  10. Good question... I didn't check the inward face... Car originally came from an inland area/region, and the owner looked after it (you can tell), and no other parts are corroded. I went onto eurocarparts out of curiosity, and looked up the cost of replacing them... alas they didn't even have a valid part, checked other cars, and its 170 quid a piece minimum, forgot how expensive calipers are! surely you'd see more mondeo's with corroded calipers... i'm still not convinced... what i dont understand is ford honoured someone else's claim (link below if you're interested), the original pics have been removed though. ah well, bigger fish for me to fry. i mainly wanted to know if other people on here had a similar issue.
  11. Nope, it's in immaculate condition apart from that! Suspension is alright, no excessive corrosion anywhere else. Honestly I think it's a factory defect/QC issue, I have been staring at the calipers of every parked car since this started bugging me to try and find something as bad, but have failed! But Ford won't admit. Shameful.
  12. Take this as advice from someone who's been through uni and post graduation work life, and is still young... Sure, the work life is 'easier' than uni life (no exam or coursework stress, weekends to yourself, you get to earn money, spend it on cars/hols whatever you want), but your uni life is when you get to socialise the most, and enjoy yourself to the max, and make life long friends and maybe even find a lifelong partner. Post graduation, the mundane-ness of 'adulting' really kicks you (even despite the extra cash), and most new friendships you make are on a superficial level. Enjoy your uni years, don't stress, you'll only get to live it once.
  13. But nearly all cars go to cheap car washes, so surely there'd be loads of them exhibiting the same issue if a few cheap washes could remove the protective coating? 😕