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  1. Breakdown Cover

    Aye, I also have the breakdown cover from the Ford Service, it's great. One less thing to bother with, I hate comparing breakdown cover/car insurance/energy companies etc.
  2. Things I Don't Like

    Very very sad, great man, RIP.
  3. Lock Replacement Advice?

    Hi all, Idiot me is trying to replace the locks/cylinder on my front door, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like a simple design. The exterior of the lock looks like this, it's some kind of anti-manipulation/police secured by design thingy. Do I have to remove the entire handle and handle assembly (so pretty much everything) in order to remove the cylinder on one of these doors? I tried removing the cylinder without disassembling the whole thing, but it wouldn't seem to come out. Advice from anyone who's familiar with these would be much appreciated! Trying to avoid spending 100+ quid on a locksmith... Cheers
  4. What the hell is it here with some snow

    Much like how the drunks ending up at A&E wasting precious resources should get charged for their visit.
  5. What the hell is it here with some snow

    I remember doing a calculation a while back, and coming to the conclusion that I could easily spend the full night with my engine and heating on (if I were to get stranded somewhere), and not even get close to running out of fuel. I think it was something like 18-24 hours easy on a full tank.
  6. 7 Undertakes In 10 Minutes!!!

    Nutter, but why on earth did 'Derbyshire' police disregard the video footage/evidence and say they needed independent witnesses?!
  7. Rust

    Crikey, that is bad! Mine doesn't have rust there I think, but my rear frame is rusty and so is my exhaust!
  8. Rust

    FOCUE - would it be easy for you to take a picture of the offending location? I would like to also check mine and want to know exactly where to look...
  9. A few Xtrons questions

    I didn't buy an 'xtron' unit, but from a different seller. Very happy with mine, bought it about 3-4 years ago, not a single issue since. I've simply placed my GPS antenna flat on the left hand corner of the dash (up near the glass where the windshield slopes up), and it works perfectly fine. Secured with blue-tack lol, but it's never moved once.
  10. Did the earth move for you.

    I've felt earthquakes before (last one I remember was a 4.6), but didn't notice this one at all.
  11. Ahh it feels good to be...

    I remember around 6 months ago, it was a completely different group of posters consistently owning the 'top posters' leaderboard. It's cyclical guys, your time will eventually come to an end too
  12. Kwik Fit

    Why didn't the student 'know' in the first place that her own car doesn't have air conditioning? lol
  13. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    I've found the Mk2.5 is also much quieter than a 2016 Fiesta.
  14. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    Surely you could find one at a local dealership or second hand car sales company? Take one of their's for a test drive, you ain't gonna eat the car :) On the topic of gears, I have the 4 speed automatic (1.6), it revs at 2900 RPM @ 70 MPH. I'm sure the 2.0 automatic would rev at even less :) EDIT: On the topic of road-noise - I've found that my Focus is no noisier than a 2015 Astra with brand new tyres. I wouldn't say road-noise is excessive on this model, far from it actually. But do keep in mind that the MK2.5 is from 2008, and that it isn't going to sound as quiet as a 2017 plate Mercedes.
  15. Things I Do Like

    Haha wish my local was as interesting as yours!