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  1. S Max Intermittent Problem

    Have now been told that the problem was a turbo perimeter fault and had the learning value reset and PC Calibration, they are unable to know whether this will cure the fault. Watch this space
  2. S Max Intermittent Problem

    Why doesn't the code that is logged on the computer show up that it is a sensor and if so which one. Do you live with the problem or are you getting it sorted? We have had two diagnostic checks by two different agents one said it could be wiring or sensor, but the Ford agent said it could be the turbo. I'm now confused
  3. I have a 2008 S Max that has an intermittent problem. The "engine malfunction" message will appear and the traction light comes on, the cruise control also stops working, if I stop the vehicle and turn off the engine the messages and problems cease, it has been put on a diagnostic machine and the number/error code left on the computer has been cleared but they have been unable to identify the problem unless the problems arise whilst on the machine (which it doesn't). Help, has anyone experienced the same problem