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  1. Wiring

    I have to run a power source into the interior to just by the side of the gearstick , what's the best way to do so direct from the battery terminals. Is there an access point? Ie a grommet or an access point?
  2. Lighter Help

    Does anyone know what the colours are on the back of the car lighter
  3. Wiring For Ambient Lighting

    Yes absolutely right it has a light , which coloure is which in the lighter?
  4. can someone give me some information on wiring ambient lighting. I have missile style switch which has got three pins on it 1.on and labelled 20A 2.off 12V 3.is the earth how do i connect up the switch from the power switch and also the switch to the lights. Also being 12V and 20A what cable do i need to use?
  5. Radio Code Needed?or Not?

    you dan ?
  6. Radio Code Needed?or Not?

    Where did you get those thingymabobs on your headlights they look slick and cant find em anywhere ?
  7. Mk 7 Pre Facelift Carbon Fibre Door Sills

    I had the same exact problem, when i bought my car in august it had a mark was on the passenger sill. It looked like a females high-heal had taken a chunk out. there are chrome fiesta branded ones on amazone. I seen the carbon fibre ones but could never get the we-blink to the seller. What i done was i bought vinyl sponsor stickers in which i just dot them around the sill so that it doesn't look like a botch cover up.
  8. Radio Code Needed?or Not?

    Thanks. :)
  9. Car Mods So Far :)

    yeh I will do and ill post some pics when I get money ha being a student sucks ahaha
  10. Radio Code Needed?or Not?

    In order to paint my trim ,"do i need a code to disconnect the radio?" or is simply disconnecting the battery good enough to stop my radio locking
  11. Trim Needed Mk7 Fiesta

    ok thanks ever so much :)
  12. Trim Needed Mk7 Fiesta

    Do you know anywhare i can buy any colour?
  13. Trim Needed Mk7 Fiesta

    i have painted them myself using fine grit paper prepping the surface using a plastic primer then finishing with the frozen white colour (body colour) but i was unhappy with the finish.There was like water droplets indented into the paint mix (the aerosol gasses) I started to remove the paint using soapy water and a car sponge ( i was trying to soften paint in the water) but the paint just pealed off. After the whole ordeal of removing the trim spraying it and removing it refitting i would rather seek if there is a company which will sell them with coloured plastic as this would not wear or show any scrapes.
  14. Trim Needed Mk7 Fiesta

    Hey guys!, I was wondering if any one knew anywhere which i can buy complete trim sets in white. The trim im looking for is the aircon control, radio system plus the hidden compartment, two dash airvents and interior front door handles. thanks guys :)
  15. Car Mods So Far :)

    first things first nice car bud! but i was wondering how you wired in the interior lights. I have been thinking of doing it two ways. The first way was to tap a wire into the headlights so that they only come on when lights are on (i.e. dark outside) the second way i was thinking was to just install a small toggle switch on the dash and have them wired up from behind the lighter so that it is permanent and hidden. good job!