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  1. Steering Rack Gone At 33K

    Thankyou - that's excellent. I'll go back to them with the TSB and complain about not only about my repair, but also having to do their job for them and find this! Thanks for your help - will let you know how I get on!
  2. Steering Rack Gone At 33K

    Hi, Yes, my mistake, it was the steering column and not the rack. My car is just out of warranty now, but the woman at the garage said they were unaware of any "known issues" with the column and I didn't have time to argue with her about payment for it as I needed to car to drive down to London for work. I intend going back to them and complain about it. Just wanted to see if other had experienced the same thing and whether I should be fighting my corner on getting some sort of goodwill contribution out of them. Thanks
  3. Steering Rack Gone At 33K

    Hi, Am new to the forum, so sorry if this has been brought up before. I bought my 10 reg Fiesta from a Ford dealer in Glasgow in 2011 (was only 9 months old with 3K on the clock, and previously owned by the wife of the manager of the dealership!). I took it into my Ford garage (where I've been getting my services/MOT etc done) to get looked at because I was concerned about a funny twang type noise in the steering when I was reversing or turning slowly. I'd also noticed a slight pulling to the left when driving slowly, but nothing that was actually affecting the steering of the car. I have now been told that it needs the steering rack replacing and they've recommended checking the tracking on my wheels. I need the car fixed (and safe to drive!) for a business trip, so I can't argue my case too much right now, but I want to know whether there's a case for Ford to answer here. I've seen that people have had similar problems and that sometimes Ford have paid out for this fix. The facts as I see them are: A Ford approved garage has been regularly servicing my vehicle throughout its lifeIt had a service and its first MOT only 3 months agoI drive my car sensibly and it only has 32,000 on the clock in 3.5 yearsShould a problem as major as a steering rack needing replacing have been picked up at its service? What causes a steering rack to fail / need replacing? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums HelenChloe :)

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