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  1. Umbrella Holder Help...

    My brolly stays put - probably something to do with the way I accelerate and brake!!!!
  2. Umbrella Holder Help...

    All I do with my long brolly is to lay it flat along the boot at the lip end, Your brolly sounds more of a weapon!
  3. Whats In The Boot.

    Foot pump, Oil, spare wheel, torch, first-aid kit and a few other things!
  4. Dream Car You Could Own

    I went to see a Porsche Spider 918 today and that would do. It is second-hand and up for sale for £1.4 million. It is at Porsche, Colchester if you have the dosh.
  5. Got New Tyres Fitted? Check The Pressure!

    Always check them after a service too!
  6. No Spare Wheel In Newer Fiestas

    When car manufacturers stopped supplying a spare wheel as standard it was a very bad idea.
  7. It is an offence to pass yourself of as a private seller when you are in fact someone 'acting in the course of a trade or business'. When I worked for Trading Standards years ago we used to go through the small ads in the local paper and if the same contact telephone number appeared frequently, the advertiser would be paid a visit. As most of you know, if you buy from a private seller caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) applies, whereas if you buy from a trader you have the protection of the implied term under the Sale of goods Act which requires items to be of 'satisfactory quality' etc. The advantage of a dealer passing himself off as a private seller is therefore fairly obvious.
  8. Prospective Purchase

    I think you have hit the nail on the head - a potential recipe for disaster, especially as you anticipate doing 25Ka year and don't like mechanics! Maybe I am being unduly pessimistic but I wouldn't touch it!
  9. What Have I Purchased? Clutch Issues..

    You have rights under the Sale of Goods should the dealer you bought it from prove to be unhelpful and presumably you had some form of warranty. Let us know the dealer's response and don't worry too much about conflict. it hasn't hopefully reachedthat point yet
  10. Invoice Price.

    As far as I am aware, the SGSA applies mainly to England, Wales and Northern Ireland but if Martyn contacts his local trading standards department I am sure they will be able to give him a definitive answer.
  11. Invoice Price.

    Whoops - just noticed you are in Scotland. I do not think a lot of the SGSA applies there but I think you have similar rights under common law concerning price.
  12. Invoice Price.

    Under S15 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act, if no price has been agreed there is an implied term that the price must be reasonable. In other words, roughly what other businesses would charge for comparable work. Let us know how you get on.
  13. Wheeler Dealers

    Hopefully, I have got it right (Discovery channel) but check just in case!
  14. I agree with you but it a useful weapon to argue with!
  15. I agree with Dave, the Sale of Goods Act is still in the background and on paper at least, you have rights up to six years from the date of purchase.