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  1. had similar mine was the struts,
  2. I just had to replace my shock on mine was causing that issue. the garage could only find the noise if the car was on the floor and you grabbed the wheel in the 12 position and pulled and pushed the tyre (in to engine and out to kerb) so ive just replaced both the front and they were both well and truly knackered.
  3. ok, had checked by another garage they have confirmed the shock. Thanks
  4. I have found this video. the first 5 seconds shows the noise, ignore it when he holds in the middle. but only does this when on the ground not in the air.
  5. Just pushing and pulling at the 12 o'clock position on the tyre. you can literally feel it clunk / knock Problem is money is a bit tight at present, so could really do without spending more than i need to. In an ideal world i would change the shock's, springs, mounts, droplinks etc. and have done with it.
  6. They looked a bit confused, so hence asking before buying. rather check twice and buy once 🙂
  7. Hi All, Im hearing a knocking type noise when driving from front passenger side ( n/s ). Ive had a look myself and cannot see anything obvious. I have had the car looked at and they say shock absorber is KO'd When the car is on the floor, if you push the top of the wheel in hard you can her it clunk, when you jack the car up there is no noise/movement. if you drop it down, still nothing, but once it settles and you try again. its back. before i go through all the hassle, what do you think ? Thanks
  8. Hi All, I have a 1.8tdci s-max 2006 I recently done an oil change and noticed a leak from above the oil filter up to the egr cooler, i have uploaded a video to youtube here Please dont worry about the oil filter i have have given it a little turn more so should seal it. im not sure where the leak / leaks, are coming from i think there maybe both an oil and water leak. Thanks for your help
  9. jynxy


    Hi all 1.8 tdci s-max 2006 Is there one belt or two ? ive heard there is a wet belt/chain. beihind the other belt in a casing which is a pain to do. is this true thanks
  10. jynxy

    tyres fit ?

    They are 16” steel wheels with 205/55/16 tyres that are new.
  11. jynxy

    tyres fit ?

    thanks for reply where have you seen this info. everywhere i have seen doesnt list this option ? there tyres are thinner so wouldnt that effect grip ?
  12. Hi will 205/55/16 tyres and wheels fit an smax ? thanks
  13. Hi, managed to drop the rad down enough to get a ratchet in, why they didnt have it the other way ill never know. Just have to put it all back again tomorrow. once i find the correct part, the one i have i think is the 105 amp i need 120 amp can i use 150 amp ? Thanks guys
  14. yes aircon is off, its just the top, someone has mentioned removing about 90% of the front of the car, as in rad etc, could be fun. oh well here it goes.