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  1. oil / water leak

    Hi All, I have a 1.8tdci s-max 2006 I recently done an oil change and noticed a leak from above the oil filter up to the egr cooler, i have uploaded a video to youtube here Please dont worry about the oil filter i have have given it a little turn more so should seal it. im not sure where the leak / leaks, are coming from i think there maybe both an oil and water leak. Thanks for your help
  2. Timing

    Hi all 1.8 tdci s-max 2006 Is there one belt or two ? ive heard there is a wet belt/chain. beihind the other belt in a casing which is a pain to do. is this true thanks
  3. tyres fit ?

    They are 16” steel wheels with 205/55/16 tyres that are new.
  4. tyres fit ?

    thanks for reply where have you seen this info. everywhere i have seen doesnt list this option ? there tyres are thinner so wouldnt that effect grip ?
  5. tyres fit ?

    Hi will 205/55/16 tyres and wheels fit an smax ? thanks
  6. Help, Alternator

    Hi, managed to drop the rad down enough to get a ratchet in, why they didnt have it the other way ill never know. Just have to put it all back again tomorrow. once i find the correct part, the one i have i think is the 105 amp i need 120 amp can i use 150 amp ? Thanks guys
  7. Help, Alternator

    yes aircon is off, its just the top, someone has mentioned removing about 90% of the front of the car, as in rad etc, could be fun. oh well here it goes.
  8. Help, Alternator

    Focus 2005, 1.8 Tdci Hi all, ok well I have half the car apart :( But I cannot get the alternator off, I have undone the 3 bolts and the bottom mounting bolt, I have managed to get a spanner on the top bolt once, but it was that tight the spanner eventually slipped off, I just cannot get the access to get a socket in. How do you get this thing off, why didn't they put the bolts the other side, grrrrr. Please help Thanks
  9. Rear Caliper

    but why wont it turn with pliers ? i would have expecting some turn ?
  10. Trying to change the rear pads and disc on my focus 1.8 tdci estate 2005 Currently doing the drivers side and i cannot reset the caliper, it wont turn in any direction with pliers. do i need the tool or is it seized, if so how do i fix this. Regards.
  11. Gearbox Oil

    Hi all, I changed my gearbox oil at the weekend, i used Triple Xl 75w90 full Synthetic (eurocar parts brand) i noticed it was thicker when adding it in the car, which has now resulted in stiff gear changes. ok once warmed up. Is this the correct grade for a 1.8 tdci lynx engine ? Thanks
  12. Hi, sorry if I have missed this but wife had same problem. In the end the ecu just needed a reset by disconnecting the battery. Hope this helps.
  13. Reduced Mpg

    Hi, guys thanks for the replies. I have reset the ecu, so will see what happens with that. How responsive is your first and second gears, is there much acceleration, lag etc. Thanks
  14. Reduced Mpg

    Hi, not had the car long, when i first got this i was getting approx 500 miles to a full tank, now i seem be getting approx 400 miles its a 1.8tdci 55 reg i have recently serviced this. Crossland air filter Crossland oil filter Castrol oil (a1 spec) Crossland fuel filter Crossland pollen filter denso glow plugs. I have looked for vacum leaks etc which i cannot find, although i hear a small sucking noise when i take me foot of the pedal. only lasts a second or two. first and second gears dont feel as quick as i used to, get about 20mph out of first and 40mph out of second, im sure this was faster before. no error codes using the reader i have. egr valve blocked of egr end. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks
  15. Rattle Noise

    Hi all i have a 1.8 TDCi Lynx engine, approx 90k on the clock. I have a rattle noise when i hit approx 2200 rpm. Any ideas what this could be ? I was thinking either something to do with the turbo or the timing belt tensioner. Thanks