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  1. Ford Fiesta 2006 1.4Tdci Cutting Out

    The garage still have it but say it's the ecu unit. Just looking for ideas before I send the ecu off for testing
  2. Just had new injectors and seals put in but now cuts out when it reaches temperature and won't start again until cold. Any ideas?
  3. Ford Fiesta 2006 Ecu Unit

    Please help can I buy a second hand ecu and fit it to my car if all the numbers match? Will it be able to be reprogrammed?
  4. Sd Card Replacement

    Thanks pal I just purchased one. Appreciate your help. :-)
  5. Car Wont Start After Putting Spark Plugs In

    If the car has some age to it when you replace Los parts for new some of the older parts work less efficiently. This happened to my 51 plate focus after I changed the leads and plugs. The coil pack went and caused it to stutter. I called the rac out they replaced it and hey go it was sorted.
  6. Sd Card Replacement

    Hi all just bought a 1.6 sport 2011 with sat nav however no sd card. I don't want to pay through the nose with ford and there are plenty on eBay however I don't know which one i need to buy. The car was registered 25/8/2011 if that helps. I popped into ford and they gave me a part number but non of the ones one say match. Surely these sat navs are generic. Please any help would be grateful. Thanks in advance Ian
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Wing nut :)

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