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  1. Hi I've got a 53 2.0 tdci cmax, with a very very poorly gearbox. Have lost 5th, 3rd is dodgy, pops out a lot, and the whole gearbox feels very crunchy and clunky. Anyone know if it's possible to get gearboxes reconditioned? I've had a garage quote me about £1100 to put a 2nd hand one in. Anyone know if that sounds reasonable? Anything anybody knows about getting gearboxes replaced would be useful too. It's done 91k, so no spring chicken but not high mileage for age. Fingers crossed somebody will know something that might help me decide what to do with it! Don't want to shell out £1100 unless it's absolutely necessary. Also, have seen gearboxes on ebay for anywhere between £300 and £800, so am thinking is that the way to go, and then try and get someone to fit it? Will that save me some cash? But not knowing anything about gearboxes makes me slightly hesitant about that! Thanks in advance Ollie
  2. servicing schedule

    hi folks, i've just bought a 2.0l tdci focus cmax on a 53 plate with 56k on the clock and i've got it home and am looking at all the paper work that came with it, which i was pretty impressed that it came with, all receipts and stuff and i've found a receipt for the 62.5k mile service. I think thats pretty weird as it's only done 56k miles! i asked the garage where i bought it from and he just said yeah the bloke must have been wanting to look after it and had it done early but me being me thinks its possibly a bit suspicious.....what does anyone else think? You ever get your services done that early? Would well appreciate anyones thoughts on this, thanks oh and one other thing...i've never had a diesel before, any tips on looking after the engine?