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  1. Newbie! Fitting The Bluetooth Head Unit?

    Anymore news, or updates on this topic?
  2. What components would I need to upgrade my car, (screen, Bluetooth stalk, voice control, bluetooth) An what are the best components (like the newly released fiesta models or the earlier fiesta model components)
  3. I have the standard CD player fitted into the titanium with and aux lead, no phone button and no Bluetooth/ voice commands. I would like to add the phone and voice commands if possible? And also USB cable and larger LCD hub. I have the device needed to program the computer (what you plug into the car to read/ and rewrite the system) Just wanto know the steps involved and a guide/ tutorial Thnx
  4. Ahhh, ok then, I wanted a solution to an integrated hub that would have Bluetooth, sat nav an interact with the controls from steering wheel and stuff like that. Is here anything you would recommend?
  5. Hi, i have a ford fiesta 2009 titanium model. I am looking to update the lcd screen to make it more of a sat nav/ hub. I have seen alot of third party devices that claim to do the job. But wondered if i could use the exisiting technology ford offers from one of ther later models (myford sync) and use this to replace my existing one. So in general use the later technology ford offers in there later more recent fiestas and retrofit this equipment into my existing 09 fiesta. If this is posible could tou please give me information on how todo this? Or if not could you advise of a good solution to my problem other than purchasing a whole new foesta? Also i would like the system to be integrated and not an attatchment if possible? Thanks in advance.. Nathan
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums nath_s_l :)

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