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  1. monde tit x 2.0d battery drain

    Common fault. Could be the alternator. What exactly happens? what message do you get?
  2. Looking a buying a Mondeo Tit X

    Definatley no DPF to worry about. The parking assist is something a chap called Mortal on Talkford has written. He sells this update and it comes with other features too As for the lights, get a nice set of HID's, it will look nice in the projector lights and will look like Xenons
  3. Mondeo Mk4 Diesel, DPF questions

    A second hand DPF is in the region of £60 to £150 off ebay
  4. Mk4 2011 refresh - tailgate compatability

    I believe its different, I have the pre facelift and want to fit the newer lights however it involves swapping the boot also so cost wise it wasnt worth it.
  5. Keyless entry

    Its a silly invention, i had it on a 07 plate focus yet its not part of keyless start on a newer car with higher spec. Saves having to get the key out i suppose
  6. Heater controls conversion?

    I dont believe it is as easy as that because they digital version needs sensors to monitor temp etc,
  7. Stay away from a solid one, what price difference is it between the LUK and the cheaper one
  8. I'd go with that. Reckon £110 sounds about right too, lease you will get a new Aux belt too
  9. Luckily for me the Ford garage did it before i brought the car
  10. I know when i went to buy mine the garage mention a whine and that it needed a new one so i reckon it must be this
  11. Possibly the Alternator? how many miles it done?
  12. Great read. Shame you sold it. Do you know if its still going strong?
  13. New Guy

    Cheers guys
  14. My Focus Zetec S Mk2.5

    Love the stance of this car, any interior shots?
  15. New Guy

    Hi all Currently have a Mondeo STTDCi but looking at changing it in the near future for a 1.6 focus TDCI. Live in Derby and have been on these sites years lol Looks like a great site 😀