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  1. 2007 Titanium With High Mileage

    have to agree there a nightmare to park i have to reverse in parking bays with thewife watching my back end lol
  2. Mpg

    mickyg your having problems with that garage am i right you would proberly getmore help on the facebook pages post your story on there
  3. Mpg

    on my 10 plate 140 tdci im getting 52mpg mostly motorway driving
  4. 75k fsh any issues i need to look out for pick it up thursday thanks
  5. 75k with fsh pick it up thursday owt to look out for thanks
  6. Well My Fuel Computer Aint Right

    you lot must have plenty off money then to brim a mondeo unfortunatly i havent
  7. Well My Fuel Computer Aint Right

    just going to top up when it reaches 50 miles thanks for the replies
  8. Well My Fuel Computer Aint Right

    its petrol i put 40 pounds a week into it
  9. 26 miles to go and it stopped went to fuel station put 7 pounds into a can pours it in away we go but know reads 20 miles which i presume must be correct
  10. Water In Rear Foot Well.

    change the trim in the middle solved mine but had to buy new from fords
  11. Water In Rear Foot Well.

    the wifes trim inbetween doors on her fezza came off 2003 model it pored water in we replaced the outer trim been fine since
  12. Bad Fousty Smell

    its just there all the time cant put my finger on it
  13. Bad Fousty Smell

    i bought this car from a farmin the middle off nowhere lol now i have 5 cats lol but never had a problem with smells maybee come from the farm what do you think
  14. Bad Fousty Smell

    to the op i have a smell too smells like smelly feet notmine lol had the car for a month and has a smell