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  1. i have a 1997 ford mondeo 2.0 petrol and i have a coolant leak from a metal pipe underneath that has corroded and develovd a pin hole and is now leaking coolant at an alarming rate, thing is i cant find a new one anywhere, does anyone have any advice? cheers Bradley
  2. mondeo 2.0 leaking coolant

    The part I need is part 8, thank you for your help
  3. mondeo 2.0 leaking coolant

    The vin is WF0AXXGBBAXD44590 and Im not sure why the pictures are upside down haha
  4. hiya im a new member as of today, im sorry if this is in the wrong section but i was wondering if anyone has got a cylinder head for the mondeo ive described in the title for sale? 2 inlet valves are bent on cylinder 2 and the head is warped so i cant find any decent excuse to refurb it. \if anyone has one layng around for sale please lt me know Cheers Bradley P.S. iirc the cylinder heads are the same for both 1.8 and 2.0 zetec lumps
  5. i saw that ad but it has only got half the valves and springs
  6. I have a mk5 fiesta (2001) 1.25 ghia 5 door and the air bag light flashed once then went out, then flashed once again then went out again, then stayed on after 5 times of flashing I took it to a fords dealer and they hooked it up to a pc and it came back with a faulty clock spring. i ordered a new one;fitted it this evening, put it all back together again and this time a new air bag flash sequence appeared. this time it flashes 3 times then goes off, flashes 3 times then goes off and after 5 times of it doing this it stays on constantly i googled the flash sequence and this is what i found "Three flash cycle: Short to battery plus or ground in section of air bag squib circuit common to both driver and passenger air bag modules" I haven't got a passenger airbag, just seatbelt pre tensioners and drivers air bag. what does that quote mean? cheers bradley
  7. Mk5 Fiesta Air Bag Light Problem

    i have checked them 3 times, they are fine, anything else you reckon it could be