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  1. Can anyone else shed some light on this problem? I am not mechanically minded so any help will be appreciated..
  2. It's Orange.... Is it possibly the ECU ?
  3. Thanks for the help so far: Did the trip computer thing and DTC showed #00 No Errors.... Not sure if this model is MK11 or MK 2.5 Believe the fuel Filter is a lifetime one situated in the fuel tank
  4. Ford focus 2007 style... Petrol engine last serviced Feb this year, new plugs air filter etc. 80,000 miles and understand this model doesnt have a fuel Filter ( not 100% sure though ) Fuel pump kicks in ok.
  5. Hi all, need help to establish what the problem may be with my ford. Car turns over ok and attempts to fire, revs pick up and then dies... Tried again and same thing happens. Wait around 3 minutes then try again ... starts up fine and car runs ok . This is happening everytime i wish to start the car, but it eventually starts ok. Garage cannot locate initial problem but suggested just wait until is packs in altogether. It is frustrating and sorry if not enough information,but if it sound familiar to anyone your help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Jeff7 :)

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