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  1. Fiesta Brake Problem Spongy And Low Pedal

    Not true, drilled discs do not crack easily, I have heard that if used for racing this can happen. Fitted a set of drilled discs to a Merc CLS, these have now been on for more than 5 years, no cracking, these dicsc were also purchased from MTEC. If you buy EBC red stuff than you can double the price of the pads. Check the prices for yourself
  2. Fiesta Brake Problem Spongy And Low Pedal

    Hi all Have had this long travel on my Mk7 Fiesta, tried bleeding the brakes, twice, a bit better, changed the brake hoses for Goodridge braided, another little bit better, but still not as good as previous Mk6 I had. Have now fitted new drilled and grooved MTEC brake discs (£73) and EBC standard pads (about £20), much better, not so much travel and a more progressive brake. Could it have been the pads that were the problem?? John B
  3. Mk7 Brakes

    Have now received and fitted the Goodridge hoses, a bit better but has not removed that awful brake travel.
  4. Mk7 Brakes

    Hi, I have this problem with my 2009 Fiesta Titanium 1.6 TCDI, since owning the car (it was 7 months old with 7000 miles on the clock) I have always complained about the long travel before the brakes come on. It is quite alarming especially when motorway driving and having to stick the brakes on suddenly. it feels the pedal is going through the floor. I have bled the brakes twice, only a very small amount of air, manually adjusted the rear shoes, but all this does not help. My last Fiesta Flame was far superior to this one for brakes????? I have just ordered a set og Goodridge brake hoses to see if this will fix the problem. I will let you know after receiving and fitting John
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums John W brown :)

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