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  1. Just found the indicator stalk with voice activation on eBay for a bargain £20, so only mic to wire in and this to fit for the full BT features. So far loving every minute! iPod control is so much better now it's fully on wheel controls , CC not sure how I lived without and seems to give me average increase of 3mpg to what I was getting off my trusty right foot 😊😊😊😊
  2. I have to say thanks again to everyone for advice given, Frost for the wiring loom and Nath for the last bit of wiring and activating the BT and CC in my fiesta Real nice fella and knows his stuff! Works a treat! Loving it and worth waiting for!!! Thanks again
  3. Some advice guys I've fitted in the wiring loom and BT/USB module. I have power to USB socket Plugging iPod into aux no longer plays audio through stereo Plugging iPod into USB, stereo says it's initialising iPod but again no sound through stereo If I turn BT on iPhone, it finds ford stereo bt, click on it and stereo speaks "enter code on screen into your iPod" but there is no code displayed on car screen Is this normal when first installing the bt/USB The loss of aux puzzles me! Will the issues be cured if the BT unit is initialised ? Thanks in advance Mark
  4. Thanks guys. I must be starting to sound moronic by now! 😜 I haven't checked for any wiring as I thought ford wouldn't be that nice to out wires in for something not in the car, but maybe my scepticism was misplaced. I just wanted to make sure I had all pieces before I started ripping the car up. I'll have a look. And if I haven't got I guess I could just run some speaker cable up there in its place, cut the connectors off each wire and connect them up myself. One way or another ill get it working, just fingers crossed ford have been nice, as just clipping bits in together would be so much better. Thanks again guys.
  5. Hi guys One more question Thanks to Frost I have the loom with aux/ USB ports which connects upto the bt/USB module. On this loom there area 6 plugs 2 - into back of USB module (mini USB and scart type with white locking piece) 2 - to the gear stick area (USB in plug and aux in plug) 1 - grey square block with white inserts, which I assume goes into rear of stereo ??? 1 - 2 pronged black plug (female type) on a longish thin cable (2 wires only) This last wire I assume went upto the microphone fitment in the roof, but the plug on this does not match the plug on the mic, and the cable doesn't look anywhere near enough to reach the interior light cluster from the rear of the glove box. Is there an intermediate cable which clips between the two? If so does anyone know the correct part number? If I'm wrong does anyone know what the two plugs I am unsure about are? Thanks in advance 😊
  6. Ah well at last, some sense is applied 😀👍 Cheers, all the advise is much appreciated!
  7. Now just thought of silly question but if I am putting in the Mondeo light/ sunglasses holder, will the fiesta mic still be appropriate or should I be sourcing the Mondeo one, as I guess it's not 1 size fits all Never is!! 😊
  8. As I have all the parts I thought I needed (thanks frost for helping me with USB cable, it arrived yesterday), it's just occurred to me I need the microphone unit, doh!! I've searched on eBay but can't find anything that's returns something I the search I've done google searches but all I get is some components from the US, which I'm unsure whether it is compatible (although I would think so) Please can anyone on here who has done the mod point me to the part number or correct thing to search for? Thanks in advance Foz
  9. Hopefully the one I just bought off frost is the last on your list On another note, when adding the mic by using the Mondeo interior light, do I need the backing fixture for the light or will the fiestas existing backing fixture work?
  10. Frost, how do u want me to arrange to pay you for the module loom and the USB connection wiring? Let me know and ill get payment to you ASAP 😀
  11. I have bought (although still waiting delivery) Module 8M5T-19C112-AT So that looks like it should work Fiesta is 2011 so all should be ok from instructions we have on here?? If that's case tell me how to pay you and ill have both. I guess then only the facia plate for USB and aux to get 😀😀🙏🙏
  12. Tezza My request to fordparts was "The part I was looking for was an older version of; 8A61-A045N56 AFW Bezel-IP-CENTER STACK UPPER" And I explained that the one I have has clips where older one has a hinge onton the heater matrix facia cover No joy though unless I can quote part number for older hinged version
  13. FROST are these parts universal in which modukes they connect to? Fiesta Mk7 2010 USB Loom - £50 posted to UK USB Port - £6 posted to UK (The one in the first image is the wrong one, replaced with correct part in second image)
  14. Same topic, just, but different part I know some on here have changed the secret compartment to a drop down door, on the hinged version of the compartment cover. My fiesta has the newer all clipped cover. 2 questions; 1) does anyone know if the cover can be swapped to the version with the hinge without also changing the heater matrix facia cover/ surround? 2) does anyone know/ can u see on the reverse of one that's been converted to drop down, the part number, because fordparts can't identify it from my part number and look for an older version of same part, so have asked for the part number. Thanks again guys 😀
  15. Cheers iNath, Hmm not sure ill bother then as the buttons on the Sony unit would still glow white I'm not sure how well it would work but if someone did fancy changing the colour of the screen a cheap option would be to remove the plastic sheet (LCD screen protector) from the screen unit and lightly spray the inside face with glass paint. Off topic, I've done this on fluorescent strips for fish tanks in the past. Seriously though I would only try this if u are very confident or have a spare that can be spared.