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  1. 2004 Focus 1.8 Diesel Alternator Belt Change

    Sorry to sound thick, but is that not an easier job????? more involved???
  2. Guys and gals, I know this question has been asked a million and one times probably, but i need to change the alternator belt on my 2004 focus diesel. The squealing noise is driving me crazy. It seemed to get worse last night when i did an oil and filter change, topped up the pas fluid and spilt some onto the belt. It needs doing anyway, but my questions are Is it an easy job to do on my drive? Can I do it without jacking the vehicle up?? Is it an easy risk to take not being that vehicle technically minded, bearing in mind I use the car everyday for work? Does the d/s front wheel have to come off to gain more access or can it be done from under the motor?? Apologies for all the questions, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  3. 2011 Fiesta Roof Size

    This may seem like a random question to you guys, but looking for a roof box for my 2011 5 door titanium fiesta. The question I have is what size is the roof on this particular model???? Mine is in the body shop at the minute much to my frustration as the neighbour decided to have an argument with it the other week, so I can't measure it and I have been offered a box but a bit unsure if it's to big.
  4. Cigarette Lighter Not Working

    Thanks fordtech thumbs up!!! Just picked up a fuse and it's working a treat. Thumbs down to ford for trying to convince me to give them the car for a couple of days to "diagnose" the problem at expense!!!! £3.00 fix. Thanks again mate. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. Cigarette Lighter Not Working

    Thank you fordtech I've just been out to check and the 20 amp maxi fuse is blown. Not even ford could work that out last week!!!! I will pick one up tomorrow and hopefully will do the job. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. Cigarette Lighter Not Working

    Aahh no one has mentioned that before, are they visible to see if they've blown like the blade ones or do they have to be metered? Are they the smallish square ones in the fuse box behind the glove box? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Last week while cleaning the car the USB lead off my sat nav went into the cigarette lighter and sparked. Automatically changed the fuse but no joy so tonight changed the socket itself but still no joy!!! Any ideas on what I could try next as it's starting to drive me mad!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Hi guy's, I know these questions have probably been asked a million times before, but took delivery of my 2011 fiesta titanium on Saturday, and connected it to my galaxy s3 as soon as I left the dealership. It connected no problem, and it transferred all my contacts over straight away. Been out in it tonight it still connects to the Bluetooth system straight away but now I can't find the option of searching my phone book although it did ask the question on my phone asking permission to access my contacts from my phone. Any ideas as to why I've lost my contacs????? Also, is the Sony system in the fiestas a dab??? I've been told it is and it isn't so not sure as I can't seem to pick any dab statios up in it. Obviously still getting used to it, but the green icons to the left of them blue matrix information display, why is it that sometimes the (I think) the radio frequency symbol is in green and sometimes in orange... Can't seem to find any info out about these questions any ware. Apologies for all the questions....
  9. Newbie Back In A Ford!!!

    Cheers for that, was trying it on my iPad but wouldn't let me do it cause it doesn't have flash player. Done it on my phone now. Thanks again.
  10. Newbie Back In A Ford!!!

    Just trying to sort,out the photo issue lol!!!
  11. Just wanted to say a big hello, and what an informative site. I finally picked up my 2011 fiesta titanium 1.4 on Saturday after a few weeks of looking for the perfect one. Drove it all weekend which I loved, but havn't driven it since as I don't use it for work, missing it already lol!!!! My first ford was a 1982 fiesta popular 957cc in beige, loved it to bits and paid £180 for it in 1992 and £700 to insure it!!!!! Great site again, and apologies in advance if I ask the simple questions that have been asked a million and one times before. Just trying to post a pic!!!
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums andyd99 :)

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