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  1. New Driver

    I cleaned the face and plug of the coil pack and its now running perfect! thanks for all your help guys!
  2. New Driver

    I have renewed all 4 spark plugs and it is still doing it
  3. New Driver

    I cleaned the plug on number 4 yesterday and the car seems to have got worse.. the engine management light is flashing and the car has lost a bit more power.. Is this more reason to think its the plugs?
  4. New Driver

    I'll let you know the outcome of what part it needed
  5. New Driver

    Thanks guys!, I'm going to fix and sell the car now as the insurance is too much for what it is, I'm going to get a 1.6 ford focus tdci 110, That's only £2500 for insurance
  6. New Driver

    Hi. I'm a new driver and passed my test about 2 weeks ago.. since driving my car which has been in the family 5 years with no faults (Not even the engine management light has come on once).. it has done 99,000 miles and within 2 weeks I have done about 700-800 miles.. the engine management light has come on, I find it savage on fuel & it has become very sluggish. Last night when the engine management light came on I had done 200 miles that day the car was full 4 passengers and me, the car was very very low and was finding it hard to pull, once I dropped 2 people off the car was juddering until I reached over 30 mph and was running smooth at 60 mph. Today I started it about 2 times the engine management light went out and the car seemed to run much better,I tested the car out and did about 10 miles. The car also starts very slow now, it use to start first turn of the key. I did a check on the codes and 6 faults came back (Image attached) I cleared all codes and 3 are still there ( Image attached) While the car has been in the family since 2008 from the first day we got the car the petrol cap once released to fill up makes a whooshing noise. Any help I will grateful. Thanks, Dan.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums danyog1 :)

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