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  1. Problems After Repairs

    Had diagnostics after fuel pump fuse kept blowing, advised t'was pump. Decided to have timing belt done as well,, booked it into ford . Started of bad from start, long story . Anyhow , while it was there they said thermostat housing was leaking, so had that done ( never had a noticeable issue), had to bring back as antifreeze when i checked well below minimum, also they hadn't changed aux belt , my headlight was making a buzzing sound, the car was really vibrating since timing belt done & rev's going up & down when stationery , they said the thermostat housing they put in was faulty, no apology considering if I wasn't checking my car would have been running dry! Anyhow, told they told me distributer looks like it has a hair line crack, they never gave price or asked if i want it done, just see how you go. Yesterday pulled up, stopped engine for about 10 mins, tried to restart, just very fast clicking sound that sounded like t'was coming from engine, not battery & didn't sound like starter motor . Started up today , didn't attempt to drive it , but really vibrating, have booked into different garage to replace distributer though not really sure if I'm doing right thing letting other garage touch it, or should I go back to ford?? Paid over grand to ford & have to say in 13 years of driving my puma, it has never ever drive as bad as since ford touched it. Please advice, I love my puma & am so stressed.
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