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  1. 2007 fiesta 1.4tdci problems

    Thats what ive done already. I dont really know how to check the +ve voltage at the sensors...
  2. 2007 fiesta 1.4tdci problems

    Morning All, The wifes 2007 1.4tdci fiesta broke down 150miles from home on Sunday evening. 1st off, engine just cut out at 75mph in fast lane on M5 - managed to get across to hard shoulder. Turned key off, tried starting, started up, revved fine but came up with 'Engine System Fault' and an Amber Cog with and exclamation mark in the centre. Continued driving as had no breakdown cover. Engine was lumpy and losing power until it cut out and wouldnt start again. Eventually got car back last night, plugged in laptop with FORscan software, a load of faults, cleared them and 1 kept coming back - P0652-60 Any help much appreciated.
  3. Hi. A quick query Wife was driving her 1.4tdci fiesta on rhe duel carriageway the other day when the crackshaft snapped and locked the engine up. Sourced a second hand engine from 1stchoice.co.uk. they sent a 1.4hdi engine from a pug 206 - essentially the same engine. Garage has started fitting the engine, but have come to a halt because he says the gearbox bolts dont lineup. He said he can get the top 3 bolts in, but the bottom bolts are about 5-7mm out. Anybody come across this before? Thanks
  4. Firmware Update

    Yes....unless ford are trying to connect to a different system...
  5. Firmware Update

    Just baffled me, because like I said I connected to it a month or so ago to program an injector
  6. Firmware Update

    My mpg aint the best at the mo. 42mpg running round 49-50mpg on a run. Driving a 1.6tdci cmax. Wonder why they cant connect to the ECU when I can....
  7. Firmware Update

    Hello All, I want a software update on my Cmax and took it to my local stealers last week. They told me they couldnt do it because they couldnt connect to the ECU. i think this is abit of bull tbh because i had to reprogramme an injector about a month ago and i had no problems. Is it actually worth having the firmware update? What are the pros and cons? Thanks in advance
  8. 1.6Tdci Injector / Seals

    Ok thanks for the advice. Im still thinking the injector tho, as it moved within it self when trying to remove it.
  9. 1.6Tdci Injector / Seals

    Hi All, I 'fixed' a leaking injector seal a few months back, bt ever since, when I accelerate, i get black smoke and alot of vibration. I have come to the conclusion that I have damaged the injector when removing it, so now I have 2 options which I would like advise with #1. get a 2nd hand injector from Ebay/scrappy. If i do this option, can the injector be recoded to my car and will it start to get it to a garage to get it coded? #2. Remove current injector and get it repaired - if this is possible thanks in advanc Nathan
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums natedawg8t6 :)

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