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  1. hi tom its 20l tdci the turbo stop working intermittently  the tester said turbo mechanical fault so the garage fitted a new turbo but still the same  

    1. TomsFocus


      Ok, it could be the turbo actuator at fault, damaged vacuum pipe maybe, or any of various sensors.  Really need to get the codes read if they haven't been already, you can do it yourself with Forscan on a laptop or smart phone.  Post the faults on the thread when you've got them.  :) 

  2. Hi had new turbo fitted still doesn't work properly any ideas
  3. Water In Car

    hi thanks all have found the problem its the air con housing near the clutch pedal have tryed seeling it with mastic ill let you no how it goes
  4. Water In Car

    hi thanks jeebowhite have found perished gromets on the sill hope this is the problem wait for more rain now wont be long
  5. Water In Car

    hi all after all the rain at weekend i have found a lot of water in the driver's side front and rear footwells has anyone got any ideas thanks
  6. 20L Tdci S Max

    has my 20l tdci s max got a timing belt or chain
  7. Plug In

    no I mean where is the obd port located
  8. Plug In

    hi where do I plug my laptop in
  9. 20L Tdci S Max

    ok thanks have ordered one today
  10. 20L Tdci S Max

    hi jeebo no its like its like a few bumps at constant speed
  11. 20L Tdci S Max

    hi my 20l tdci s max pulls back when at low revs mainly when cruising at 60-65 I've had the latest pcm update it seemed to start 30 miles or so after the update been back to dealer but computer doesn't show any faults
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums fatsteve97 :)

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