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  1. Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

    Mine is the older system rather than the new Sony, but it may well be the same. I've not used Voice dialling on the phone itself but have used the car's system, although its cumbersome to set up. The conversation to set it up is as follows: Store name Use this function to store new name abbreviations. VOICE button /“BEEP“ "PHONE“ “PHONE“ “STORE NAME“ “STORE NAME, NAME PLEASE“ “(Name)“ “PLEASE REPEAT NAME“ “(Name)“ “STORE NAME (Name)“, “NAME STORED, NUMBER PLEASE?“ “(phone number)“ “(phone number)“ “STORE“ “STORE NUMBER (phone number)“, “NUMBER STORED“ To dial the number you use "Dial Name" - if there aren't any names you will get the Directory empty statement. I notice that there is also a "Mobile Name" command which I presume is what you need to use a name actually on your phone, but have never tried it.
  2. Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

    Thanks for that info. It exactly the same as mine! Not sure whether that suggests its actually something in the hardware that's the problem. I'll get back to HTC and see what they can suggest now.
  3. Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

    I am a bit wary of this as it presumably would invalidate any warranty on the phone. I have read that HTC are releasing software officially to do this so think its best to wait if I don't get any further. Latest is that Ford have updated the software (no charge), and I can now stream music via bluetooth. Unfortunately the problem with phone calls is still exactly the same as before. This must come down to the software on the phone. iNath - could you post your software versions from the phone please. HTC suggested checking yours and mine to see where there are any differences. I'll get back to HTC with this info and see if they can suggest anything further.
  4. Recent Issues With Mk7 Fiesta

    Thanks - I've had the same problem and this solved it. I had to try it a few times but got there in the end. I do wonder why this works - it seems very strange!
  5. Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

    Just an update - I went into the dealers and one of the car salesmen let me have a go in a similar Fiesta - from what he said the newer ones have a different sound system so not really worth trying. The phone behaved exactly the same as in mine, although I don't think he was certain whether that particular car has had the update or not! Following this I sent my phone back to HTC. It arrived back today and is just the same as it was before. I've telephoned and they said all they really do is reflash the ROM and test it connects to Bluetooth devices. There is apparently no way to roll back to the previous version of Android. Anyway, I've now booked the car in for the update next Wednesday - think it is a warrant repair although the service bloke went on about if the update wasn't the problem it may not be covered! I'll report back after then.
  6. Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

    Sheffield. I thought about that - I will try to go into the dealer sometime this week and see if they will let me try it.
  7. Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

    I got my phone from Carphone Warehouse and am on t-Mobile, but I think the upgrade came from HTC as the phone is not tied to t-Mobile. I'm not sure what you mean by the second question. Do you mean to do the bonding? If so, it's the standard Bluetooth connection software that's in Android (I think!). I've not downloaded anything extra to do with Bluetooth. Hope that makes sense.
  8. Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

    I've just tried debonding and re-pairing as you suggested. No difference. Think the next step is to see what my Local Ford dealer can do. Any idea what they are likely to charge for the update?
  9. Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

    Thanks for your reply. Just had another go and double checked media volume. It was fairly high, but turned it right up just in case - no difference. Didn't realise that there was an in-call menu to select where the output was going to, but it was set correctly as well. Have you used the phone through Bluetooth? I've only had a quick go at streaming music - when I select the BT option on the Audio menu it says no device found. My car is April 2009. The thing that stops me thinking its the car is that it did work fine, and it still works fine with two other phones.
  10. My Desire HD worked perfectly with the Fiesta Bluetooth until recently. The only change I can think of is that I upgraded it to Android 2.3. Now it pairs fine, and will dial a number and receive a call. The problem is there is nothing coming through the speakers. I can hear the ringing when I have an incoming call but when its answered I can't hear anyone talking even though they can hear me. I've tried it with an old Samsung phone, and my daughter's Desire (not HD) and both work fine. So it doesn't seem to be the Fiesta that's at fault. I've contacted HTC and have done a reset as they suggested This made no difference. They don't see it as a software problem, and I can swap files both ways with other phones so would have thought this meant that Bluetooth was okay. I'm waiting for their next suggestion, but it seems likely that they will want me to send the phone back to them. Anyone else had similar problems, or offer any suggestions as to what the problem may be? PS Just spotted this thread: http://www.fordowner...__1#entry106780 Tried the workround even though my paint is not even metallic, and it didn't work.
  11. Am I Being Stupid?

    Do you turn the stereo on before turning on the ignition? I find if I do this, the radio comes on like yours. But if I don't touch on/off on the stereo if comes on where it left off. One further thought - do you use playlists because when I did I often got a USB read error and it took a couple of presses of the AUX button before it would respond correctly.
  12. Bluetooth Compatible Mobiles

    The phone directory on the car is separate from your phone's phonebook. To use the "dial name" voice control you first have to us the "Store Name" command to store the name.
  13. Turning the Radio on

    Are you using a playlist on your USB? I've found when I use a large playlist, the USB produces a read error, but then after a few more seconds plays! I guess this is something to do with the initialising that slappyhaze talks about. But this is totally inconsistent - sometimes it plays without a problem!
  14. Bluetooth 'phone answering

    My M button rejects the call, and I've tried pressing twice quickly but it still doesn't work. I asked at the dealer and it would appear that Ford have no fix for it.
  15. Answering calls with M button

    I've just tried again and my M button definitely cuts the call off immediately - built April 09.