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  1. Coolant Temp Gauge Reading Too Low?

    Just to update; had a new oem thermostat fitted and this appears to have solved the issue. Gets up to temperature now and stays there, regardless of the blowers being on or driving at speed etc. Sits slightly left of the centre line which is miles better than what it was like before. Hopefully this should also add a few more mpg. Looking at the old thermostat it appears to have failed in a slightly open position which would explain why the needle would barely reach the second dash, if doing NSL. Thanks again to everyone that contributed on this topic.
  2. Hi, I have a Focus mk2 2.0 auto. I've noticed that the temperature gauge never really gets to the mid point (normal) of the gauge. The temperature range is 60-120 degrees and the highest it gets to whilst driving is the dash between 60 and 90, so about 75. If I put the blowers on it can drop lower. I drove back from work today which was 14 miles and it didn't go above 75 until I got home and parked up idling for a while which then caused it rise to half way (90). Then if I drive off again it will go back down. My previous car was a 1.4 mk6 Fiesta which had a digital coolant gauge which always reached 'normal' after about 2 miles. Also my fuel consumption isn't that good at the moment (averaging 26.5 - 28.5 mpg). I knew a 2.0 auto would be quite poor on fuel, but I was expecting at least low 30's considering my commute is a reasonable distance. Could this be caused by the coolant not reaching optimum temperature? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  3. Current tyres that were on the car when I bought it are on their way out now, so would like to get some new ones. Can anyone who has a MK6 recommend some based on experience? Tyre size: 195/50/R15 Thanks,
  4. Clutch/gearbox Problem?

    Thanks for the reply. A picture would be appreciated for reference. I read about the cylinder rod issue before I bought the car so was prepared, and promptly secured it with a cable tie. I've driven the car for 2000 miles with it like that and its been fine. Drove it to work and back one day and was completely fine, then I go to drive it the next day and it was a suddenly a bag of crap; changed 'just like that' overnight. No warning or prior symptoms to indicate otherwise.
  5. Clutch/gearbox Problem?

    Coming home from work on Tuesday, all was well. Get in the car the next day, move off and get on the road, and the gears were suddenly really resistant and needed a lot of force to shift. I can still drive it, but as I say, it just takes a lot of effort to move the stick. Doesn't grind at all, apart from reverse on occasion. There also seems to be a new rattle/tapping sound that appears when the clutch is pressed down (thrust bearing?). Haven't really noticed any slip and the bite seems as good as before. Clutch/brake fluid level ok. Gears move fine with the engine switched off, but not when its on. 54 plate with 59k. Anyone know for definite what the cause is? Is the clutch gone/on the way out?
  6. Paint Touch-Up?

    Had my car parked on my drive which is on a slight incline, opened the door and forgot to hold it at the same time so gravity took hold and it hit my wall! Luckily/unluckily the plastic trim on the side of the door seems to have took the brunt of it, but some paint on the door edge has come away and exposed bare metal. I've bought touch up paint to cover it up, but just need some advice. I'm not looking for a perfect finish as it's not really in a noticeable place and I'm not that good when it comes to painting anyway. My main concern is just to protect it from rust. Where the door hit the wall, the paint/metal has 'peeled' back leaving metal curled up slightly so I would need to slightly sand this back to make it an even surface. What grit sandpaper should I use for this etc? Thanks,
  7. Strange Noise When Idling

    Ye, nice cars those new fiestas. Wasn't a fan of the 'fish mouth' front end but its grown on me!
  8. Strange Noise When Idling

    Ye, 25k ain't a lot on a clutch. I'm still getting used to mine; only drove diesels before, so trying to move off in a petrol is a new thing for me. I'm getting there, but still stall now and again. I'm completely fine once I'm on the move. First day I had the car I stalled about five times at a roundabout and for the life of me, couldn't work out why I kept doing it, but then later realized I'd had it in third instead of first!
  9. Strange Noise When Idling

    I'm near Helston, yourself? Haven't really took much notice of the exact clutch bite. I'll be out at the weekend so I'll have a check then.
  10. Strange Noise When Idling

    Here's that video of a cold startup you asked about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPL_kCh0ZR4 Hopefully that torrential rain can't be heard too much.
  11. Strange Noise When Idling

    Cheers for that Nathan, appreciate it. Your's does seem to make the exact same sound, and mine's done twice as many miles, so it must just be a Fiesta 'trait'. :D I can probably record that startup for you tomorrow. Driver's seat or bonnet up?
  12. 2004 1.4 Petrol Overheating Advice Please ?

    Here's the Haynes instructions for thermostat removal if it helps:
  13. Strange Noise When Idling

    Tbh I can't say I've really noticed anything out-the-ordinary when starting from cold, but I'd be more than happy to record a cold startup if it would help in any way.
  14. Annoying 'buzzing' Noise At Speed

    Cheers for the reply, Should have updated the topic really, but the dealer sorted it out before I picked up, so no more noise! :D They replaced both front wipers as part of the service, so that may have been the culprit. Someone else said it might have had something to do with the weather stripping/poor seal of the windscreen, but it doesn't seem like that was the cause in the end.
  15. Strange Noise When Idling

    Ha ye, I know what ya mean about the rain lol. Got my car just in time before all this s**** weather begins. Cheers for the vid; I think I can slightly hear the noise very similar to mine, just not as audible (maybe its the different mics?). Don't suppose you'd be able to do another one with a couple of revs applied at intervals to hear whether it disappears and then re-appears etc? Sorry to be a complete pita, but I'm always ocd when it comes to things like this.