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  1. Fix Advice On Focus St

    That's really useful cheers. Some idiot driving on the wrong side of the road, didn't realise I could damage it that easily! And the seats...I have half leather with cloth in the centre of base and back and fine any wet at all leaves a stain. I regularly use an interior cleaner (no specific one, just whatever foam type one with the plastic brush lid is on offer at the time!) but at times I just couldn't be arsd as they seem to stain again no time at all! Yeah that definitely do stain quite easily!! I think that may be a serious option, could save a lot of hassle as you say That's brilliant, just what I need for that. Would it be wise to refit myself or do I risk breaking my nose and having a deployed airbag?
  2. Fix Advice On Focus St

    Hi, Hoping someone can throw some info at me, recently a few bits of minor damage have happened and really like to get them fixed without breaking the bank, For this, I guess I pressed the horn too hard as its now got a nice tear along the front of it, when I spoke to a Ford parts Dept, they said the only option is to replace the whole centre bit (Airbag and all!) which costs over £400 just for the part, is there any other solution like a second hand part somewhere or even fixing the current one? Is there any good fix for these small chips in the back bumper or is a body shop the only option? I find these seats stain really really easily, even a bit of rain water if you get in while its raining outside, anyone know or can recommend a delicate stain cleaner I can use? (stain is hard to see in this pic) Just on a side note, there is a possibility that I am going to be out of the country for the best part of a year, my wife doesn't drive so looking either to sell or to store it up, has this got the potential to completely ruin the car in the end from sitting for so long or can it be safely done without wrecking the car? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Steve
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