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  1. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    I didnt think glow plugs heated in a tdci till the ambient temperature was very cold? It also does it even if the engine has been run for an extended period of time.
  2. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    An update: I've changed the camshaft position sensor which has solved the cutting out totally. It however starts REALLY badly. Sometimes cranking of 15/20 seconds is needed. The engine will hunt and wobble for some time however once down the road a mile, it runs perfectly. Any ideas? I'd have to fork out loads of money to get it back to the trader and take time off work and its pretty much not an option. My instinct says injector fault but the car drives so smoothly that it seems less likely.
  3. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    The trader claims that 'VOSA/MOT garages make mistakes' and the fuel change is nothing. If I put the VIN into a Ford identification website it does display as Diesel so perhaps fuel change was a mistake. What should I do? He does offer a 'repair' despite not knowing what's even wrong with the car (allegedly) however he is 50 miles+ away and I cant get the car to him. Any ideas please?!
  4. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    This is true. The two weeks I believe was a re-test after a fail.
  5. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    I understand it could be a typo on one occasion however repetitive typo's is strange. Did they even do rear disk brakes on a 100PS diesel?
  6. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    It doesn't look good though if its been sold with 60K DIESEL miles however miles are recorded on MOT with a differing fuel type. Listing stated it 'runs and drives well'. Really not happy and goes against all my past experience with cars!!!
  7. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    Have since done this, VIN matches throughout so plates probably correct after all. Going to contact Trading standards tomorrow. MOT History is as follows: 39235 07/08/2006 Diesel Fail 39236 09/08/2006 Not recorded 50142 14/03/2008 Petrol 50285 28/03/2008 Diesel 51538 28/04/2009 Ford Focus Diesel TDCI 52534 07/05/2010 Petrol 58470 23/08/2011 Petrol PASS 63590 25/10/2013 Diesel
  8. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    Right, this is weird.. Nothing is adding up. An HPI check also reveals outstanding finance!! I'm now thinking the car is not even legit or in-fact has the wrong plates etc.
  9. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    I only have the "new keeper supplement" side of the logbook. The seller stated they were selling it on behalf of someone else however the listing clearly states they are a trader. Current MOT states diesel however previous states petrol. I cannot give the registration or details on a forum but might be able to post images edited.
  10. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    I've taken the carpet back and it looks standard. I would suggest the wiring loom etc and engine has been changed.I have attempted to make contact with the 'dealer' and have requested a full refund however he has refused.
  11. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    Right...after a new sensor there are no improvements. I have searched through the MOT certification and sadly there is record of the vehicle previously being a PETROL!! This probably means the mileage is non genuine!! What should I do?
  12. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    You could be right but the ODB reader worked on a 52 plate Focus tdci and this is an 03. With less than 3 months inbetween it seems unlikely to be at fault! The reader works on new cars too such as an 07 plate fiesta. The reason I felt they were dodgy was the fact that he had a lot full of similar old focuses at extremely low prices. It just didn't feel right and I've been to many traders before. There is no reference of the 'company' online and the 'receipt' I was given was on the back of an envelope!! I genuinely feel the car is not 60k mileage. Things aren't overly worn but I've had two other of the same vehicle, both at 100k miles plus and they were identical. There are odd things such as rear disk brakes which seemed out of place for a tdci 3 door and the carpet looks like its been removed and put back badly. There's also wind noise as if there is a couple of bungs missing behind the dash!! Really feel ripped off.
  13. Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

    Hi, I've bought what I now think is a dodgy Focus TDCI from a dodgy trader in Essex. Sadly I rushed as I was desperate for a car! I tested the car (03 Plate Tdci 65K Miles) and it was acceptable. Bit of a lumpy start but I put this down to sitting in a lockup for a few months. As I said it was acceptable on my 3 or 4 mile test drive. I purchased it for 1.1k thinking the car would suit me for a few months. On the drive home, after about ten miles, the car cut out with the glow plug light flashing and it wouldn't start up again without a huge amount of cranking. Finally did but cut out again so got recovered. Today I've ordered a cam position sensor and popped the car on diagnostics. Bearing in mind I've used it a month ago to connect to another identical car, the diagnostics refused to connect with the error: No vehicle response.. (although it saw the data bus as ok.). Finally the fuel gauge keeps mysteriously going up and down. The car starts after nearly ten seconds cranking and eventually settles to an acceptable idle. I feel totally ripped off and don't think the trader was genuine so I wouldn't be able to return the car for a repair! I have no idea who or what he was trading as and I was stupid not to have found this out but I'm on my 15th car over time and have never been ripped off before! Hope someone can advise what to do please?
  14. New Member! New Problems!

    No noise at all..silence!
  15. :'( Camera Help

    Or maybe some people drive with a Sat nav for a living all the time?