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  1. 52 plate mondy...had the clutch, injectors and starter motor all go at the same time! Needles to say I couldn't afford to get it fixed at the time and had to get rid :'(
  2. Aww thanks everyone for your kind comments, it has its moments believe me, especially with 2 little girls running around, but I have a good support network and a nice focus to tinker on!
  3. Started as a part time till monkey at boots when I was at uni, ended up going full time after uni and worked up to team manager. Was there for about 10 years before my wife developed some issues and I've been her full time carer for just over 2 years
  4. That's it exactly, I've found it so much better than having numerous things stuck to the windscreen lol
  5. Yeah I've got some pics in the cars for sale section... http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/57712-focus-mk1-18-zetec/
  6. I have something similar in mine mate although mine doesn't have 3g or wifi. I've got the freeview tv unit and reverse camera plugged in and haven't had any problems with it at all really
  7. I had a mondy that did that just before the clutch failed. Slave cylinder, flywheel, release bearing, the whole lot went :s hope you get yours sorted soon
  8. http://baileyperformance.co.uk/?p=228
  9. I have looked into doing this myself and got as far as getting quotes. Have a look at these guys http://baileyperformance.co.uk/?p=228 they said they'd do mine for approx 3.5k
  10. Still available if you want it! ;)
  11. Yeah obviously the engine vibrates quite a bit when turning on and off, thats what made me think of that, could be the exhaust rubbing against something too
  12. Still available, open to offers ;)
  13. Isn't forced induction code for super/turbocharged? Or is it the case that this person has fallen foul to the electric supercharger con I wonder?
  14. trying to sell freddy focus

  15. Sorry, no idea why some pics have been adding more than once! Forgot to say that I do still have the original rear lights which I'll include as I know the modified ones aren't to everyone's taste lol
  16. Hi, I'm selling my black lightly modified mk1 which has about 134k on the clock. I've spent a lot of work on this in the last year and done a lot of major work including some light mods. Work done: ▪Clutch ▪Brakes and pads all round ▪New full handbrake cable ▪New front suspension bushes ▪New exhaust (done the day before I got it) ▪Oil and filter change ▪New sparks ▪New battery Mods done: ▪Smoked rear lights including 3rd level light ▪Smoked side repeaters ▪Clear indicator lenses at the front ▪Uprated H4 headlights ▪Magnecore spark leads ▪K&N panel filter ▪Aluminium strut brace ▪"Focus" scratch plates ▪Blue LED footwell lights and courtesy light including in the boot ▪Blue LED instrument panel and speedo (mileage is shown incorrectly as the speedo has been replaced but I've made a record of the mileage so can be corrected but just never got around to it) ▪Touchscreen stereo head unit which has the following features: DVD Freeview TV Sat Nav Reverse parking camera Bluetooth pairing and handsfree MP3 player in Memory card in A/V out Sub out It comes with MOT until Oct and Tax till Aug. 900 o.n.o. DM me on here or email me at richtom32@googlemail.com