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  1. My First Ford =] & Hi Everyone!

    Been too busy with Uni! Not been on this for a while! Keep changing my mind on how to make the car look <_< Tempted to get a set of coilovers and a set of White Cades Berns and WRC Mudflaps rather than 40mm drop and ST Alloys. Thoughts on this anyone?! Here are some random shots I took yesterday at uni anyway and the alloys Im contemplating
  2. My First Ford =] & Hi Everyone!

    Cheers buddy! Yeah it was about time I moved on lol. Loving it! Few plans yet to come, forgot to mention the front Ford badge will be blue and white which will hopefully be complimented with white calipers once I've done the alloys =) Although it will be slow progress due to university! Hello!
  3. Hi everyone! New to the Ford scene! Just picked up my second car after having a corsa c for a year! It's a Focus Mk2.5 2008 1.8Tdci Titanium.. It also has a front splitter that has slits near the wheels and sideskirts.. Not seen many models with those already on them while I was looking.. Can happily say I love the car after contemplating whether to get one the following Golf/A3/Astra. Not done much to the car yet apart from - Yellow Interior Lights - Yellow LED Sidelights - Xenon Fog Lights - Front Bonnet Trim Gloss Wrapped - Rear Boot Trim Gloss Wrapped Plans to do: - A Big Clean (hopefully soon :D) - Gloss wrap the bottom grill - Gloss Black or Gunmetal Grey ST Alloys - Probably a 35/40mm drop (wanting to keep the car subtle ) - A Remap (bit unsure whether its worth it :() - 6k HID Kit - Discrete subwoofer fitting Anyway, thats me done! Here's some photos
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Riicky :)

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