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  1. Help! Mk4 Alarm Problems!

    Thanks guys but the car didn't come with the manual and I have no keys to remove the radio :(
  2. Help! Mk4 Alarm Problems!

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this is a repeat but I can't find any other posts relating to my issue. Car: Mk4 Fiesta lx 1998 Background: I stupidly left the side lights on whilst in work. Obviously when I went to drive it after work the battery was completely dead. I bump started the car and as soon as it started the alarm went off (horn in off-side boot?) and the hazards were flashing. They eventually stopped but now every time I open a door or turn the ignition the whole alarm process starts all over again. There is no alarm button on my key and the radio is now asking for a code, Is the radio code linked to shutting down the radio or something? There isn't any reference to a code in any paperwork that came with the car and I don't have any radio removal keys. Can anyone advise me on what I can do since I need to get to work in the morning and as it's my first week on the job, I obviously don't want to take any time off to take the car to the garage. I've heard about disconnecting the horn in the boot but I don't know what it looks like or how to get to it. Any help will be immensely appreciated.
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