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  1. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Had my 1.0 100 ps ecoboost 9 months now. 6000 miles and mpg has crept up to 47 mpg according to the car. Car calculation seems to be 3 to 4 mpg higher than actual though when I recorded miles between fill ups to work out myself. 10 mile country road trip to work and back so no motorways but no tootling around town as such. Love the car though. Can't fault it. ;-)
  2. Txt Reader

    I remember my text reader worked once then never again....(Galaxy S3)
  3. Txt Reader

    easyphonesync on android drags tunes off itunes and bungs them onto android. Great app for anyone that does not feel the love for itunes anymore!
  4. Roof Bars/bike Rack

    Anyone using a thule roof bars for bike carriage on a new fiesta? Not sure which kind/model I need or how they are fitted. Thanks.
  5. Just completed customer survey

    Having same experience as others. All your comments explain a lot, as I have been reminded on several occasions and even had a letter from sales chap, to enter 'completely satisfied'. To be fair the chap says in his letter, "if you have any reason to enter anything less than completely satisfied, to call him and he will sort whatever it is out!". Car going great but might hold on to filling in form for a few weeks and use as leverage in the event I do have a problem ha ha :)
  6. Car only 500 miles old but getting 46mpg/400 miles from a tank ;-)
  7. Washing Your Fiesta

    Brilliant tip. Got one today and works very well on the alloys! Thanks
  8. Dimondbrite

    Dealer offered free pureguard for free so took it, but not sure should have bothered as I enjoy washing my car. Anyone know if I can just carry on washing car as normal with usual shampoo with wax etc?
  9. Mk7 Fiesta

    Enjoy. Picked mine up last week and love it!
  10. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    300 miles on clock and up to 40 mpg. Keeps creeping up each time I drive it. Hoping mid 40's minimum. As others advise, once over 1000 miles done, will fill up and reset. Great drive though ;-)
  11. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    its close mate and had to line the car with blankets to stop the seats getting messed up, being new and all! part ex'd 3 series for a new fiesta and love it! couldn't get my bike in the bmw!
  12. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Papuma. Been to forest with my mtb today. Just fits with front wheel off!
  13. is gonna wash his new car tomorrow for first time ;-)

  14. New Driver!

    just got same mate and agree. Amazing and great fun. Enjoy!
  15. Fiesta Delays

    Not sure my case is much help as ordered mine and collected within a week. Told me it was taken from stock. The standard panther black zetec 1.0 100ps ecoboost was not in stock but offered me one with pureguard, privacy glass and wheel upgrade out of stock for £200 extra so took it (and glad I did!). Suspect it may have been used as demo as had 67 miles no clock when collected? (would explain why I had it so quick?) seems odd but dealer claims not. No probs with engine though so far.