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  1. I didn't have the PCB changed - I posted the instrument cluster to Cluster Repairs UK, who diagnosed a fault with the connector and burn marks on the PCB. They fixed the connector and cleaned the PCB, before re-testing to confirm it worked + sent it back to me. In my case, this resolved the issue. Your first step is to follow the YouTube video in the first post on this thread, so you can remove the instrument cluster. Then if you move the cable connecting into the back of the instrument cluster, see if you can get the warning lights to come on and off. If so, I'd say it's 80% going to be the instrument cluster. You can either follow the instructions on this thread to repair it yourself, or send off to a company for repair. I used the company mentioned here, who charged £160 inc. return postage, which resolved the issue and means I now have a 2 year warranty on the whole cluster (yes, not just on the repairs they made). If not, it might still be worth having the cluster sent off, as if they can't find a fault, it'll only be around £40 for the diagnostic. As others have said here, this problem is becoming more common on the MK2 Focus. Dealers are also reporting this, based on my research. Last thing you want to do is spend £800 parts + labour for a new instrument cluster - all keys need to be recoded, and the instrument cluster has to be programmed to the vehicle + immobiliser. It's a pain! Any problems / questions, let me know. It's thanks to this forum I saved a ton of money, so I'm determined to help others do the same.
  2. Thanks for the advice all. Sadly not confident enough to try and fix myself, however was successful in having the instrument cluster sent off to Cluster Repairs UK for repair. They confirmed both dry joints on the connector, plus the PCB required cleaning due to burn marks. Completely agree with the postings in this thread - if you are slightly competent, these are fixable yourself. If not, getting it sent off for repair (+ therefore now covered by warranty) worked for me. Having spoken to them and a couple of other Ford dealers, this is now becoming a common problem on Mk2's, as it was a few years ago on the Mk1. Thanks for everyone's help on this.
  3. Probably an obvious question - if I disconnect the instrument cluster, will it lose the mileage count?
  4. Thanks for the advice. Soldering not really something I'm great at! The company that repair the clusters said it's only £40 - £50 if they diagnose it and find no faults, so it sounds like it's worth me sending it off to them, so I'll get back either a cluster that's repaired or a cluster that we know hasn't got the problem you've mentioned.
  5. Took the car away from Ford. All working fine for a day or so, and then I'd get in to start the car, and it wouldn't start. All warning lights back on etc. Can't believe this is an instrument cluster fault (haven't sent it off yet). Got annoyed enough to have a look myself. Followed the below to remove the instrument cluster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFC3doVh_vo Found the plug that goes into the back of the cluster, which has about 20 wires going into it. If I move the cables in one direction slightly, everything on the instrument cluster works and I can start the vehicle. Move the cables slightly the other way, and all the warning lights come on, no speedo reading etc. Concluded there's a break or bad connection on one or more of the pins / cables about an inch away from the plug. Now need to find a car electrician or similar who can test each cable to find which ones are at fault. Assume it's possible for them to cut back an inch or so of the cable + rewire it into the plug (there's loads of cable inside the dashboard behind the cluster!) I'm based in Birmingham - know of a good independent car technician that can do this for me? Thanks.
  6. Elected to get the instrument cluster repaired with clusterrepairsuk.co.uk, so said to Ford I'd collect the car. Now I'm told it's been rebuilt the car doesn't even start or function, and it'll cost £1500 to fix. Can't believe a car can get worse at a Ford dealer, especially when it's 7 years old with only 18k on the clock. Just about ready to give up and scrap it!
  7. OK - been quoted over £2,000 for a replacement instrument cluster and wiring harness. Didn't pay a lot more than that for the vehicle, so it's just not economically viable to go ahead with it at that cost :( Any advice? I was looking at clusterrepairsuk.co.uk, who will take the instrument cluster, diagnose, fix and return for £109 + VAT. Seems a cheaper route and at least rules out one of the two possible issues?
  8. Second diagnostic didn't throw up the TPS error, although they couldn't tell me what error did occur. Now they're talking about the ignition and taking that all apart to trace the fault. Been almost a week with no resolution. Time to find someone else to get to the bottom of this?
  9. Thanks - will wait to hear what they say on Monday when they re-diagnose.
  10. Own a Ford Focus Mk2, 56 plate 1.4l petrol, 18k miles. Purchased second hand a few months ago. No problems up until this week, when numerous warning lights would appear on the instrument cluster, and sometimes it would go into limp / restricted mode. I drove the car home (~ 2 miles). Part way, a number of warning lights on the dashboard lit up; engine warnings lights - both amber + red, ABS, battery, oil and a few others. Rev counter + speed needles drop to zero, and the odometer just displays dashes on both the trip + total mileage. Pulled over, switched the vehicle off and restarted a few minutes later. Two engine lights remain on. A few minutes later, did the exact same thing, except this time it was enough to put it into limp home mode (low revs, sluggish etc). Got it home, switched the vehicle off and restarted a few minutes later. Just the amber engine warning light appeared. I checked the dashboard DTC codes, which gave me: E197:Invalid data for vehicle speed (Invalid CAN message)E200: Invalid data for odometer (Invalid CAN message)D900: CAN communication. Bus fault receive errorE510: Missing or invalid security data to PCMTook the car into Ford for a diagnostic - they came back and said there was a single fault code pointing to the TPS / accelerator pedal position sensor. However, they couldn't reproduce the fault and kept the vehicle overnight to try it again on Friday morning. Still couldn't cause any lights to come up on the dash or for it to go into limp mode. Not surprisingly when I picked the car up and turned on the ignition, within 30 seconds the warning lights come up - exact same symptoms as above. Hadn't even put the car in gear or touched the accelerator. Turned it off, then on again, and the warning lights still come up. Depending on it's mood, sometimes most of the warning lights come up, other times it's just: - Engine cog - Engine - ABS They're now keeping the car and will re-diagnose over the weekend with their equipment. I know there are countless threads here and elsewhere about these problems. On older vehicles the instrument cluster was a known issue, but this doesn't apply to Mk2's. Is this just a TPS problem or something else? I'm surprised a faulty TPS would cause the instrument cluster to go crazy like it does. Is there anything else to check? Apologies for the essay - hoping that by writing out everything that's happened I might spot a pattern or something stupidly obvious that needs checking!
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums n7twc :)

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