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  1. Paint "bubbling" On Alloys

    Mine had this and I got 3 new wheels under warranty ,I took it into the dealer who sent some pics to ford and they said ok to replace.Took about 4 weeks from pics to new wheels fitted.
  2. St Alloys Corrosion

    I would have said that it is a manufacturer fault ,all four wheels in the same place is to much of a coincidence to me.
  3. St Alloys Corrosion

    I discovered that all four of my wheels are bubbling up around the valve stems,not to good for a 64 plate car. My dealer has taken some piccies and so now i am awaiting the decision as to replace or repaint,i don't really fancy the idea of a refurb on a 6 month old car,plus the fact ford have always said they don't have a paint code for rado grey so how are they going to get the paint colour correct? Just thought i would give it a mention so others are aware that this could become a problem on the rado grey wheels.
  4. Scuff Plate Replacement.

    It looks that way,I'll give them another ring tomorrow to see what's what and get it booked in as I think it's about 10bhp down with this scuff plate only half working lol.
  5. Scuff Plate Replacement.

    No Mark I spoke to Gary,he knows about it but said they want the car for a few hours to do some checks before they can order one for me.
  6. Scuff Plate Replacement.

    So I have the half illuminated scuff plate problem .I rang the dealer to sort out a replacement for it and they said they can't go ahead with it until the cars had a full diagnostic on the electrical system. Is this right? All seems a bit ott for a scuff plate which is a common problem, has anybody else had to do this to get one replaced? From what I have read people have just had the things done and gone on their merry way.
  7. Temp Monitor Colour

    Noticed today that mine stays amber at zero or below on the st , but used to go red on my zs . No bong on either of them though.
  8. Clean For A Day :(

    May I suggest meguaires ultimate liquid wax on spirit blue. I used this on mine a couple of weeks ago, gives the Blue a rich deep shine looks (I don't use this word normally). Awesome.
  9. Clean For A Day :(

    Need to get cracking on that matey ;)
  10. Clean For A Day :(

    Good work there Mark,mine was much the same i managed to get it done on friday. All ready for another weeks worth of trips up and down the A272 it will probably be minging by the end of next week again .
  11. I'm An Idiot - Parking Brake Questions!

    Best get them checked if it gives you peace of mind mate,let us know how you get on, good luck sure you will be ok.
  12. I'm An Idiot - Parking Brake Questions!

    TBH mate i think they will be ok .As long as the handbrake is holding fine and normal braking feels ok i would leave it. Obviously if you think somethings not feeling right get them to pop the drums off and check the shoes ,my mate who used to service my cars always checked the shoes as a matter of course and went over them with a bit of emery cloth,took him 10 mins max so wouldn't cost the earth.
  13. I'm An Idiot - Parking Brake Questions!

    Whoops a daisy lol 1.Yes they do. 2.Could of glazed them over. 3. Possibly you could remove the drums and clean off the glaze with emery cloth. 4.About £70-£100 with parts and labour if they are fubered but probably no 3 should do it.
  14. I would disagree with them being !Removed!,they are a good upgrade over standard and better visibility in the bad weather at the moment as well. I had xenons on my old clio197 and the thing is no h7 is gonna come close to the light they chuck out mate. Maybe in colour but no where near intensity.I will get some pics sometime but it's chucking it down and im a poof.
  15. I had extreme visions on my old zs, not much better than standard imo. Got white visions on the st and much whiter and brighter than standard.