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  1. Happy Birthday Tynesider!

  2. New Fiesta, Underpowered?

    I only travel about 8 miles a day to work aqnd back and around the doors on my day off. We go to the lake district about 4 times a year and even that is only 100 miles each way so a diesel wouldnt be any good for me. I had my car looked at by Ford Service yesterday just to clear my mind that the car was ok and as I thought they said there is nothing wrong with it and it really just needs running in. I must admit the longer I have had the car the better it is performing and that coming down from a 1.6 to a 1.25 takes some getting used to where the gears are concerned. I really like the car,it's comfortable and is driving better and it looks great.
  3. Just completed customer survey

    Well he hasn't got his bonus yet lol, but they are good mats.
  4. Just completed customer survey

    Before I signed the form to say i would say i was completly satisfied I asked the salesman for some new car mats, he then went and got me some otherwise I would have got nothing.
  5. Just completed customer survey

    The salesman was good with me but the young over confident young manager that came across was a bit cocky. I just found it odd that I was told to sign a paper that said I would tick completley satisfied,even before I had even seeen my new car. The salesman has phoned me twice and he knows the car is going in for a check on Thursday and he also knows the problems I have going up hills. There is a hill not far from where I live and he said he knows it well, I tried to drive up it and got abour 2/3rds up and had to stop,turn around and find another way back home. I will wait and see if he contacts me again after Thursday and see if he mentions the survey, there isn't a lot he can do but it's worth waiting to find out.
  6. New Fiesta, Underpowered?

    Hi FOCA, that's good info to know and I only wish I had read that somewhere before I purchased it, and is it posted anywhere else thats easy to find? Saying that, I am not a car person and I know naff all about them. I did do my homework as far as I could by going to various good websites such as Whatcar.com and they all give the Fiesta's top marks and that's where people like me who know little about cars go to for advice.
  7. Air Conditioning Problem Or Something Else?

    Ahh thanks I usually have the setting on for the windscreen and its normally set to cold. Good one, thanks.
  8. Air Conditioning Problem Or Something Else?

    I have a new Fiesta zetec 1.25 and noticed that the AC comes on automatically when i start my car. I didn't realise this was happening until my wife told me the engine was loud when stationary. I can turn it off but if I shouldn't have to do this everytime I start my car.
  9. New Fiesta, Underpowered?

    The reason I'm " pooh poohing " the car is because I go to the lake district about four times a year and there are steep hills there and we explained this to the salesman. We will have two pushbikes attached to a towbar on the car.
  10. Just completed customer survey

    Thats exactly what I was thinking, the salesman was good but the car isn't as good as I was told or thought it would be.
  11. Just completed customer survey

    Thanks, I think I will hold back and see what happens with my car before filling it in.
  12. Just completed customer survey

    I found it odd that they made me sign a form to say that I would say I was" completely satisfied " this was even before I even saw my new Fiesta. The manager in Shiremoor North Tyneside, shook my hand and said don't for get to say " completely satisfied and not just very satisfied! The actual service from the salesman was very good and he gave me a followup phone call a few days later. I told him the Fiesta was underpowered and couldnt get up hills, he said to bring it in for the service team to look at. Ive read on this forum that just about everyone says the same and that it has little acceleration. So is the survey about the salesperson and the car or just the salesperson?
  13. New Fiesta, Underpowered?

    I'll give it a good run out this weekend and it's being looked at by Ford Service next Thursday so fingers crossed they will find something wrong.
  14. New Fiesta, Underpowered?

    I really like the car when not going up hill and my wife thinks its great,so with a bit of luck in a few months I might tempt her to take it and I can get myself something better.....I will start on convincing her from today lol
  15. New Fiesta, Underpowered?

    I think I have bought a bad car and I'll be stuck with it for at least 3 years, we wanted the car for our holidays in the lake district but cannot see it getting up the hills there especially with bikes on the back. I've got it booked in with Fords Service next week so they can check it out but I don't think I will get anywhere with it by reading what other members have said :-(