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  1. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    Clutch still poor and engine still holding back and hesitating occasionally. Steering heavy as well. Coming up for 12.5k service in a few weeks - should be broken in by now.... Any one near King's Lynn who owns one of these so we can compare?
  2. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    Thanks for that, I'll just keep plugging away until I get it sorted then. Perhaps I should aim higher and talk to the main dealer in Norwich rather than the smaller dealer.....
  3. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    Well I went to the dealers again (Dereham) and they agreed that the clutch was slightly worse than the one in the showroom and it did seem less progressive than the brand new one they let me drive. Progress! Well they updated the software and sprayed WD40 on the clutch mechanism! The car is just the same only now it smells of WD40.... Is there anyone in the King's Lynn area who drives the same as me and can give mine a try?
  4. Engine Really Holding Back

    Thanks, I'll give it a go. Might see if I can swing something under warranty.
  5. Engine Really Holding Back

    I mean advice! ps the loan fiestas have been so much more forward going. Getting back in my car felt horrible!
  6. Engine Really Holding Back

    My new focus feels like it is driving through treacle but not all the time. I have had the car from new and have put 5.5k miles on the clock since the end of July. The power steering is heavy as well. my first memory of the car was how ridiculously light it was... There are still times when the car floats along but most of the time it holds back and almost feels like it is 'bunching up'. When like this it can put in some serious hesitations when starting off or going round a roundabout. The following surge of power is borderline dangerous and I feel reluctant to nip out quick at junctions as I can't be sure the power will be there. I have already written a thread about my slow returning clutch, so all in all I am finding the car a bit disappointing. I have had the car in twice to main dealers for the clutch/engine but everything is apparently ok (no codes!). Any one got any experience advise? I intend to try driving other cars at the dealers to compare. I have the 1 litre ecoboost petro (125bhp). When it goes well, it's lovely so I know it's in there........
  7. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    Thanks everyone. Mine doesn't stick down (yet!?), it just returns slower than I feel is right. If I use it slowly it stays with my foot. Anything more spirited can leave it to catch up. It also has that extra spring thing at the last bit of the travel so it feels different right at the end - nasty! I'm near King's Lynn and have taken it to the dealer in Dereham (where I bought it) and the dealer in King's Lynn. Anyone leave near by so I can compare?
  8. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    I have taken it to main dealers twice now and both had it for two days each. Whilst they seemed to agree with me to begin with, they then claimed it to be normal after two days (one place drove it 30 miles and the other only 2). I don't know how to push this forward as I feel they won't admit a fault. By the way, I barely got 40 mpg on the my recent motorway trip to cumbria - I have always got good fuel economy from all my previous cars (top end of spec) so the focus is exceptional. Hope it's just a breaking in issue - or the tyres (michellin primacy) which seem very grippy..... I've had the car since the end of July and I'm close to the 5k miles mark so I do know how it drives....
  9. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    I don't suppose you have the technical service thing do you? It might help my case as I still feel the clutch is faulty. Every review I read about the car is very glowing but mine is laggy with poor fuel consumption (low 40s). I have been doing my 80 mile round trip rabbit run for about 14 years and I usually get the high end of the quoted fuel consumption so something isn't right. It didn't have any codes so the 'mechanics' can't fix anything! Shame, could be an excellent car.....
  10. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    Thanks for the replies. it's rather depressing that on both occasions the car was in to be checked, I was given a fiesta and they both had brilliant clutches. I do still think that my clutch is slower than the others in the show rooms but both Ford places were lazy and claimed mine was the same. I'll probably have to wait until it gets worse or I get used to driving like my gran! I don't suppose it would make any difference if I tried to complain higher up (wherever that is....)
  11. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    Hi, bought my 1.0 litre turbo boost about 10 weeks ago and am a bit disappointed with the clutch. The pedal is slow to return and can be 'caught out' if I move my foot too fast. The pedal travels slower than my foot and then smacks up into it. If I use the clutch slowly, it works ok, anything faster and it just isn't where it should be (feels odd and dangerous when overtaking and trying to change gear smartish!). I can't find anyone else reporting this, so am I alone in this? I also hate the extra spring travel at the top. I have done over 4500 miles already (2 hours a day commuting) so I know the car quite well and find I have had to change my clutch control to accomodate this. Had the car in twice for this (two different Ford dealers) and both have said they can feel what I mean but then say it's normal ! Also, the car sometimes hesitates (sometimes doesn't) and can feel like it is holding back (steering feels heavy now too). Any thoughts?
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