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  1. My 1St Ford

    Thanks, but iv checked these. The 1300 is 3mm difference and the company with the rs2000 rear silencer didn't have anything for mk2 1600.
  2. My 1St Ford

    I have looked everywhere for the original stock exhaust and I'm so close. I have 3 out of 4 pieces. I just finished coating these 2 pieces with VHT. I need the last original piece which is the rear silencer. Can anybody point me in the direction? I want this car to be as original as possible .
  3. My 1St Ford

    Old Kent new London I call it as the boundaries of London keep expanding.
  4. My 1St Ford

    Thanks, I'm near bexley
  5. Rolling restoration. In stages, starting with the engine bay 32 dgav webber prior clean up Carburettor after clean up After market exhaust welded to stock exhaust. (Not my work) will be replacing with a original stock exhaust once I get the final piece, rear silencer. Wrong alternator fitted prior to me buying. Something else I had to undo. , I wonder what else I will find the further I go :) it's all part of the learning
  6. 1978 escort mk2 x flow 1600 ghia

    The beginning of the restoration
  7. My 1St Ford

    Thanks, Ill check those sites. Its so hard trying to keep the parts original when they are not in Production and end up paying more than you should for either slightly used parts or new old stock parts. Plus side Just found powder coating and shot blaster workshop local to me. :). I will keep you posted. Thanks
  8. My 1St Ford

    Thanks, she runs well. I agree. Trying to find original ford parts is a absolute nightmare. So il settle with some after market parts but even they are hard to find for some thing's. iv already started pics of the car in, out and under.I just need help setting the thread up.
  9. My 1St Ford

    Hello all, been driving for 12 years and I just got my first ford. Which is more of a rolling restoration. My first. i welcome any input to my cause and any parts ;), and vice versa if I can
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Chewie :)

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