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  1. hi to you all, i have ford fiesta 1.6 tdci titanium 2009 just had both wheel bearings changed but still getting noise now think its down to wheels & tyres anyone got any ideas or do i just live with it! i have seen a lot on here about niose so it must be an issue with this car

  2. Horrid road noise on my fiesta 09 tdci titanium got Goodyear tyres but still noise is there

  3. Abs Malfunction

    Ok thanks for that. I know it can't be much as fords put it on there machine & nothing was found. I think I might discount the battery as you said. Watch this space. Thanks for your help.
  4. Abs Malfunction

    Thanks for you reply. It happens just as I start the car but not every time. It's like a bing bong alarm. No lights on the dash come up but the info light does in the multifuction screen above the radio. I have had it code read & nothing has been found. Car is working fine. I only found out it said abs as I went into the memory before staring & it flashed up but only for 5seconds.
  5. Abs Malfunction

    Hi, can anyone help!!!! When starting my car i sometimes get an alarm sound. I notice the other day the i came up in the malfunction screen went into messeges but noting Since then before starting car i have set this to messege to see what comes up. yesterday it happened ABS malfunction no lights have been coming up on the dash & car has been running ok. took it to Fords where they put it on there machine to find no fault codes at all. Anyone got an idea what this could mean? claire
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums mcanallygirls :)

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