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    What happened here was that you went through water deep enough for it to enter the clutch housing. This has stuck your clutch friction disc to the flywheel. Putting in a gear and then holding the clutch down is the standard way of clearing this fault so good on you for sorting this out. I have saved several people money by doing this in the past after flood conditions when I worked as a mechanic. You shouldn't get any more trouble with this, stay out of deep water though, you will have been within an ace of getting water into your engine and waving goodbye to your car.
  2. Steve Tnl

    Car Still Overheating

    Your radiator is blocked. Take it out and put a hose in one in the large input, it should run freely out of the other bottom large output, if not, that's the problem. Also check that you have all the little zig zag bits in between the tubes that carry the water through the radiator, if they are gone it will not cool the water. For whatever reason the water is not being cooled, the faster you go, the more it will overheat. Your ecu is protecting the engine from you trying to cook it so is restricting your speed. Simply flushing a rad in situ is often not enough and will not unblock it.
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