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  1. Zetec Eco 1.6

    Have to say this car is great, picked it up new last Friday and put in our two year old Zetec Eco 1.5, our old car we were getting as average mpg 67.4, when we got the new one it was saying 25 mpg but now is saying 74.6, I know we are not really getting this but I am still chuffed and I have my cup back for Eco driver on the new one. Just have to get it back to the dealer to sort the wiper shaking when wiping even after cleaning it all but we had the same on our other one and they just put a new wiper on it and it was fine.
  2. Monthly Payments

    We had a Zetec eco 1.5 on pcp over 3 years at £270 a month with a £250 deposit and 12k a year, we were told if we wanted to buy the car at the end of the 3 years we would have to pay just over 6k, we were also told to trade it in at 18 months, we tried to trade it in at 18 months and were told that there was not enough money in it and it would be better to wait until it was 2 years old. It was just over 2 years old and we got a new one on hp not pcp, same car but 100cc bigger engine, we put £250 deposit again plus our car and over 4 years its £342 a month. The car we put in exchange had no dents or marks and was really like new, it had done 18k of the 24k we were allowed and had all its services ect.
  3. That was indicated but it was very good I am just hoping our new one will be as good as its 100cc larger engine, it went up to that from 67.2 after we had it for a year and it had done 9k miles.
  4. New Fiesta

    I got it now, thanks for all the reply`s, have to have it out of gear for it to stop then press clutch pedal for it to start, should of read the manual just being lazy. Got to work on getting my score up and the mpg our last car Zetec 1.5 econetic I had the cup and 71.4 mpg our new one 30 miles on the clock same as our old one except its 1.6 has no cup and saying 22 mpg ouch.
  5. New Fiesta

    Hi all, just got our new Fiesta 1.6 econectic and I have a couple of questions, first is on our 2013 Fiesta 1.5 Zetec Econetic it had a badge on the back saying econetic our new one does not, is that right?, second question and I am being really lazy here but on the new one it has stop start and its on but it did not stop coming home and I was stuck at lights for a while, any ideas I know I should read the manual.
  6. I had a 2013 Econeteic 1.5 and I was getting 71.4, that was not going over 60 mph and taking it really easy.
  7. Was Going To Get New One

    I would say that they are a bit louder than the petrol but not a huge amount, we had a tdci before our current one and that sounded like a petrol with the big ends and cam going lol, the new ones are very good, when we picked ours up new I thought they had not put tdci in it because it was so quite, it did get a bit louder after 2000 miles though. Don't get me wrong I think that the Ecoboost engines are the future, small engine turbo ect good performance from a very small engine, not sure how they will last maybe compared to a larger engine but time will tell.
  8. Was Going To Get New One

    No I would not like a Ecoboost, have driven one but not for me, I don't really do enough miles to warrant a tdci but I would not have any thing else, I do about 12k a year but have found the fuel economy on the tdci very good.
  9. Was Going To Get New One

    Our car is two years old and a 1.5 litre, after reading up on the engines I found you get just a bit better mpg with the 1.6 litre and a bit more power, think ours is 75 ps and the 1.6 95 ps.
  10. Was Going To Get New One

    Just don't like it, to me they just did half the car and forgot the rest, found out the colour is metallic so am going to get a new Zetec Econetic with the 1.6 95 ps tdci engine (mine is 1.5) and a good few extra`s, not ideal but it will do, just had ours serviced and they loaned me a 1.25 Zetec, cost me £15 in petrol for the trip home and back, and on the way back to pick ours up the warning sounded for low fuel and the orange light came on, the display on the car said it was doing 38 miles to the gallon, on our car (71.6) did not even see the fuel gauge move and with the petrol one thought I was going to have to get out and push it up the hills lol.
  11. Was Going To Get New One

    To me it just looks like a unfinished car, if it was all round no problem but I know they cant do that because of law to do with seeing out of it but then again what about when you are reversing, I think privacy glass should be a option not you are forced to have it, may be its my age or some thing but if I could only get a Ford with privacy glass I would not buy a Ford.
  12. Was Going To Get New One

    No just choosing 1.6 td 95 ps engine, it only does it with the two top models and under high lights it list`s privacy glass and you cant remove it, just went on there and tried different engines ect but you all ways have the privacy glass, with the colour it says red is standard and Panther black is extra but it does not say its metallic unlike the Focus that states its metallic paint, I am thinking if you cant choose what you want or don't want on the top two models re the privacy glass maybe I will have to look at other makes (you may be able to tell I really hate that privacy glass), the salesman even said well you could get it and get a company to take it off as it comes off easy, I said if I don't want it have the option of not putting it on.
  13. Was Going To Get New One

    On the Ford web site it only comes up with Panther Black, if you go to the Focus it comes up with Panther Black Metallic, the privacy glass that's the website also speaking to Hendy Ford salesman, his answer to it is well every one loves it well I don't, on the website if you go to Fiesta configure your car you will see for the Titanium and Titanium x privacy glass is standard, go to any other models and its a extra.
  14. New Fiesta Nope

    Not going to type all that again, wont let me paste!
  15. I have a Zetec 1.5 Econetic td in Ford Panther met black, its two years old now so I thought get a new one and get a Titanium or Titanium x, then find out you cat get any of those with out having that awful privacy glass at the back, really bad idea that is at least let the customer choose if they want it or not, so I thought its not ideal or what I really wanted but get a Zetec no privacy glass, when I go to choose colour there is no metallic paint option showing up. Whats going on!