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  1. Hi there I've tried the system cleaner and better fuel no difference at all, Could it be throttle position sensor? Thanks
  2. It's weird you said that because I thought I could hear the fuel pump when on idle is that normal? Also I'm getting a big suction when opening my fuel cap? Now u say it does seem like fuel starvation maybe this why it isn't throwing codes? Is this a common fault? Thanks
  3. hi there, my focus is a mk2 1.4cl, i have a problem with a loss of power and the car jerking/ feels like im off and on the accelerator, it feels more noticable when going round a corner? it has no engine codes, nothing apart from this fault the car starts fine, ive changed the plugs coil and leads but made no difference, its a weird one even the garage didnt have a clue as there isnt no faults? the loss of power comes in and out, one minute its ok then you can feel its lost power again then normal again, its not a massive jerk/judder but enough to feel it hope you can help thanks also mileage is 52,000 and always had 10,000 services
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Gsaiev1 :)

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