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  1. Changed sensor no difference. Used the steering wheel hidden menu system and got these DTC codes: F00616 = Supply voltage not within specified range C42268 = Invalid data from body control module 9A8451 = Car configuration data system internal failures not programmed C41568 = Invalid data from anti-lock braking system
  2. juniorferg

    Focus DMF Flywheel

    If DMF is gone you should feel shudder at all times with the slightest touch of the clutch pedal. So it shouldn't only be when going up the drive etc.
  3. juniorferg

    Pollen filter

    Yeah and easy DIY, really makes a difference to smells coming into the cabin. Once done once its a 5 minute job.
  4. Thanks I'll give it a whirl. Yeah garage read the codes, but to be honest I think they're at a bit of a loss, so I'm taking a shot in the dark while I wait for them to re-open in the New Year. Garage already changed out the EGR and its a little better than before ie not conking out, but still no power. The cam pos sensor seems to be a very common fail and the one thing sticking out the most in the forums as a fix for the issues the car is demonstrating.
  5. juniorferg

    Problems starting

    Hi My car did this several times, I found the route cause to be the butterfly within the inlet manifold. It was all gunked up with an oily substance which was restricting it from opening upon start-up. I removed the hose clip shown beside the green arrow in the image and then pulled the hose toward the front of the car toward myself. It takes a bit of wiggling, but once off you should be able to feel the butterfly just inside the inlet manifold where the yellow arrow is. Clean around this as best you can and then put it all back together again and see if this sorts you out. I've had to do it twice in the last three years. Regards
  6. Hi I hauled through the forums and believe my problem is driven by a faulty 'Camshaft Position Sensor'. Problem no is I'm not sure where it is located on and don't really want to start pulling parts off looking for it and create more bother for myself. Problem: Car showing engine fault and engine managment malfuntion warnings. Lack of power with no change after time, as if turbo was being held out or 'Safe Mode' type set-up. Car starts first time every time. I've already had the EGR valve changed and then Christmas happened meaning no mechanic until the New Year, being the unpatient person that I am, I went ahead and ordered the sensor, now you see my problem. At the moment I'm awaiting a day off work to get some daylight to work in, hopefully the next day or two. Then its time to either remove the inlet manifold or the cambelt covers, with the later being the simpler of the two I think. So any help or guidance would be great. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi I think I looked at just about them all, but it was probably between the Galaxy and S-Max in the end. Boot space is basically non-existant in anything but the two Ford's, and they are by far the most stylish, well at least as stylish as a seven seater can be. Thanks for the welcome, and roll on the S-Max ownership..
  8. Hi All I'm new to this forum, but have taken an active interest in many others over the years representing different makes. I have just purchased an S-Max 2.0tdi in Zetec trim, as my wife is due to give birth to our 4th child at Christmas, and sticking the eldest on the roof rack is apparently out of the question, so 7 seats it is. Looking forward to gaining some great info from forum members.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums juniorferg :)

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