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  1. Yeah glad I got it sorted, I can MOT the thing now. The passenger and drivers seat bases are not interchangeable as the 4 bolt locations are not symmetrical. They have the front right floor bolt further forward than the left and there is a hinged latch system on only one side that locks the back in place. So they will not swap over. The only thing that is interchangeable on the entire seat is the foam base.
  2. Cheers fellas, managed to get an entire seat runner assembly from a 5 door fiesta from my local breaker yard for £10! Took all of 10 minutes to swap it over. Ford wanted £560 for a new seat runner mechanisim can you believe!!
  3. Not a bad idea taking them out to have a look. It can't be welded, it's thin tubular steel that has twisted over and over and then torn.
  4. Ello chaps, Looking for a bit of info as I'm in a bind. The seat slide adjuster handle has broken off the missus 2004 3 door LX. I'm having a bit of trouble finding a drivers seat base, what I wanted to know was; Can a 4 door seat drivers base be used? Can a passengers 2 door base be taken apart and the handle swapped over? Please help as MOT is looming and no seat adjustment means a fail I've been told.!
  5. Fiesta Seat Adjustment Dilemma.

    Hey Steveo, Thanks for the input fella. I'm also thinking there's an issue with the seats, perhaps the rails and mechanisms need greasing up. FYI, a clutch pedal isn't designed to be operated with your heel on the floor, only the gas pedal is. The pedal throw is much to long and requires more pressure than an ankle movement can produce, you're doing it right.! Cheers buddy.
  6. Fiesta Seat Adjustment Dilemma.

    Thanks for the reply Jeebo, Isn't there any way the seat rails can be adjusted further allowing a little more seat travel.?
  7. Hi all, My wife is now the proud owner of a tidy white 2 door mk6 fiesta LX, we've retired her gas guzzling BMW finally. Only issue is her feet barely reach the pedals.! She's only 5 feet 2 inches tall, and even with the seat all the way forward she has to operate the pedals with her tip toes, so she's stalling all the time and doesn't have proper control of the car. Also the seats are way too high, my head touches the roof and I'm only 5 feet 9.! The lever on the right of the seat only seems to tilt the base, not lower the seat. If we could lower them they would help her a lot. We never had this issue with the BMW and thats a much bigger car. Please help.!! -hosse
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