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  1. High Pitched Whistle

    Hi, I already changed the hose u linked on eBay. Anybidea which other one might be worth changing? Is it usually one of the pipes from the intercooler to the engine?
  2. High Pitched Whistle

    Hey So recently my 57 Ford Focus 1.8 tdci started making a strange high pitched whistle type noise. It only does it when you first switch the engine on and when the revs get to about 1700rpm and the turbo starts to kick in. After you have spun the turbo up 2 or 3 times it stops and goes away until you switch the engine off and leave it for a few minutes. If you restart the engine you get the same again. It sounds like air being sucked through somewhere as opposed to anything else but i'm not sure exactly which hoses, etc could be the ones. There is no loss of power, no lights on the dash or smoke coming out the back. Any ideas or help would be great
  3. Strange Fast Flashing Indicators

    I had a look at the earth at the front and the rear one by the lights and all seemed fine. I checked the connectors by both drivers and passenger feet and it was all dry and seemed clean. The fault is intermittent and seems fine now on the left. If you put the lights on or your foot on the brake the flashing goes to Normal speed. There is a towbar fitted and i read the electrics for that can cause this issue. Any ideas?
  4. Strange Fast Flashing Indicators

    Well, they have gone back to normal speed on their own but I will still clean thé earth and check the connections tomorrow. I'll post what I find.
  5. Strange Fast Flashing Indicators

    Ok cool, so it's the passenger side for the wiring, etc and earth is drivers side behind light. I'll check it out tomorrow.
  6. Strange Fast Flashing Indicators

    Ok cool. What's under the carpet that can get wet or are you saying it's dripped on the fuses under the glove box?
  7. Hi

    Hey Dan I live just on the border or Smethwick and bearwood.
  8. Strange Fast Flashing Indicators

    Hi I checked the fuses under the bonnet and it was all dry. I haven't seen anything wet inside the car so not sure there is any leaks at the moment. I'll double check it though. I'm told there is an earth behind the drivers light somewhere and seeing as the side light is dim that side I wondered if this could be the culprit.
  9. Hi

    Hi all Had a couple of fords previously. Just bought a 57 plate focus estate. Great on the motorway, drives really well.
  10. Strange Fast Flashing Indicators

    Hey all I wonder if anyone can help with this. My indicators are flashing fast as if there is a bulb blown but all the bulbs are flashing fine. When you put your foot on the brake or puts the headlights on, they return to normal flashing speed. I also noticed that the side light on the drivers side (after turning the knob one click) is not as bright as the passenger but the main beam is fine. Is this a bad earth? Any ideas where to look? It was fine but then we went through the carwash and now it's like this.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums jamillafocus :)

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