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  1. O/T Gym

    Id say give yourself a target, theres a number of 10K runs in October if you're interested. The aches and pains you're experiencing are normal, worst thing you can do now is stop. Keep at it and good luck. If you're crazy like me you'll soon enough enjoy the occasional 5:30am morning runs ;)
  2. Had A Little Accident

    Hey Amy, im glad the accident was only a minor scrape and that you're alight. The repair costs seem pretty good after initially seeing damage. Keep us updated.
  3. Where has everyone gone?

    Does being an active reader count? ;)
  4. FAO Micheal P

    Did anyone see the Top Gear '17 year old insurance challenge' feature recently? I'd be mortified if i ended up with the cars they got.
  5. Door Mirrors

    I dont think i could trust such a small section of the left wing mirror to act as my blind spot aid. Nothing will beat a quick glance. Im assuming that as the feature is only on the left side of the car i.e. the furthest from the driver, the feature is designed for overtaking as Reiki has mentioned.
  6. Y cable rant (+3 pics)

    For me the cable is either too long for the first compartment (pic 1) as the cable interferes with the handbrake. Too short for the third compartment (pic 2) but just right for the middle compartment (pic 3), but it takes up the majority of the space. Where on earth was it designed to sit? I dont know why its annoying me today, it just is =/ Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
  7. Y cable rant (+3 pics)

    Your post needs more clarity but OMG thats the longest single sentence ive read in my life! Seventy-four words and only one coma!
  8. Hello and Help with interior

    I knew it ;), glad your happy about the changes. Its always better to look forward to something you know you'll be happy with. The coming months will fly by!
  9. The first week

    Thanks for the insight, I've always wondered what the scheme was about.
  10. Y cable rant (+3 pics)

    Cheers all I seemed to have gotten over my rant last night heh. Cheeky I agree they could have made the USB a little bit more secure, but i can see why they've placed it there. Jar I got an iTouch so bluetooth's not an option but you reminded me i need to setup my new phone today, ummm in fact I'll do that right now.
  11. Devastated

    Thats an unfortunate accident, what colour is the stain? ...From experience (on clothes =p ) darker tones like red tend to spread when moist. You could give the Autoglym Complete Stain & Scuff Removal Kit a go.
  12. FAO Micheal P

    Im not Micheal P either nor do i claim to be. For my insurance I paid around £1.2K but it was something I expected after doing some research, though early quotes were on £1.5K mark (I guess waiting a few months for the car saved me a few hundred). It didnt help that no one else in the family drives and that ive only held a licence since March.
  13. Hello and Help with interior

    Yep they rip it all out with a sledge hammer and start from scratch. Just incase you do reconsider I think your able to modify your order as long as your order hasnt gone through to the factory. A week after I ordered mine in march i was able to add the USB option without any problems or delay.
  14. Fiesta best selling car in june

    No wonder there seems to be a big wait for the Fiestas. Nice seeing Ford doing well.
  15. Pick Up Tomorrow

    Ahh let me welcome you to the 'Two Liner Club' aka TLC.
  16. New Pics Of The Black Panther

    Nice one with the upgrade, it looks really good.
  17. MARTY!

    Its about time lol, we ordered on the same month but yours definitely looks like it was worth the extra wait! Regarding the scuff plates, my dealer personally put them on for me just to avoid another queue.
  18. Pick Up Tomorrow

    Loving the Titanium ;) How many 'lines' does it have? :D
  19. Best Fuel for you fezzy

    I didnt realise there was a difference between petrol stations. I go for the cheapest and as long as its 95ron its good enough for me.
  20. Is this Bad?

    Petrol at 101.9p :o thats a good price. Its more like 108.9p in London
  21. Fiesta vs Corsa

    I saw a new VXR corsa in black a while back, my jaw dropped it looked amazing!
  22. MK6 Reverse Gear

    Mine crunches.... sometimes but not often. Is it damaging to the gears when this happens?
  23. New BodyKit

  24. Flippy key

    Titanium comes with two 'flippy' keys.
  25. New Buyer

    You'll be surprised how nippy the 1.25 will be. Regarding the colour the Hot Magenta is one of the more exclusive colours in the fiesta range, and its one that really comes into its own in the sun.