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  1. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Is it, I thought it was the alarm sensor. And yes, mine rattles a bit at when i rev at slow speed.
  2. Zetec S Seats. - Lower Back Pain?

    I damaged my back when i was 20, I am now 46. I am not saying all physio is bad, I've used them to treat tennis elbow which was 'fixed' very quickly. But after 20 odd years of having people ' cracking' my back into position i had enough and decided to try and fix it myself. The excersises in the book are great, if i do ever get pain, which is very rare now, the excersises sort me out in days. Dont want to knock anyones advice on here but honestly you really dont need to swap your seats out. I've driven cheap fiats over the last few years, trust me their seats are terrble compared to the fiesta. Just use the built in lumbar support, if you have one, or if you dont or find it does not help get a 'D' support. You will find these supports are alot bigger than the built in lumbar support provided in the seats and may help you better. But please note that you have been sitting incorrectly for years and will need to re learn your posture when driving and sitting. This can be uncomfortable and a pain in the backside to start with, but you will soon learn quickly to sit properly and your back pain will go away. Sorry to preach but I had years of back pain from not sitting correctly at home, work and in the car. I've been so bad in the past that i could not walk. Now i have no pain 95% of the time, so comments about not being able to fix a bad back are just rubbish.
  3. Zetec S Seats. - Lower Back Pain?

    I've had lower back pain for over 20 years, I used to have to vist the chiro every 3 months just to keep me pain free. I then noticed someone at work using a Mckenzie lumber roll support. These fit on your chair / car seat and help support your lower back, basically making you sit properly. I use one at work and have used one in my last three cars. But the zetec s has lumbar and so I use this. So far no pain and i drive for 3 hours at a time now and again. If you dont have Lumbar support on your seat get one of these and try it. You will find it uncomfortable at first but after a while you wont even notice it, and it will save you !Removed! your back up as you get older. Get the D shape one. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003WGIE9S/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_dp_ss_1/275-5376650-6827416?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe&pf_rd_r=0WRPZYP4V185RRPN4WEZ&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_p=479289247&pf_rd_i=B000W342U4 If you have back pain already get the Mckezie book ' treat your own back'. The excersises are really helpfull. I wasted £100's on chiro treatment over the years, but since using the support I very rarely get pain now, and when i do i do the excercises to treat myself with in days. I willl never go to another Chiro, Physio or anyone else to fix my back. In my opinion the treatment is short term and actually weakens your back.
  4. Panther Black St-2

    That black looks stuning and that interior is perfect against the black . If I was buying one I would be stuck between either black or the blue.
  5. Help Getting Confused

    Whats your address. ;)
  6. Help Getting Confused

    You must live in a nice area. Leave your car unlocked in certain places where i live and nothing will be left in your car when you return
  7. New Fiesta Zetec S 14 Plate

    Got mine of ebay. Sticks on with 3m adhesive pad, it isnt going anywhere.
  8. Help Getting Confused

    So its not siphon proof then. Just stick a piece of pipe on the metal plate, same size as a fuel nozzle, then feed a smaller pipe through that one, garden hose etc. Or am i getting the wrong end of the stick. Not saying anyone should try it of course, but Ford say its siphon proof.
  9. Fiesta Mk7 Water Ingress/leak

    I dont get it either, and hear this so mnay times. I dont know much bit i think these holes are caused when the roof and side panels are welded together . Sometimes this causes pin holes where water can leak through, so yes, its a manufacturing issue. I've also heard that the machine that does this job can take a while to warm up each morning , and so the first few cars that go through it do not get done properly. May be rubbish, but it may explain why every now and again a car starts leaking. I mean its not every Fiesta but its enough to wonder what is causing it to happen to a few cars.
  10. Cameras Drivers And Cyclists

    Were you in Bournmouth, we've got plenty of weirdos like that around.
  11. Cameras Drivers And Cyclists

    I'm just to polite. :) Thats pretty stupid though, so they have to step onto the crossing, and so the road, before you have to stop. I would have thought that standing by the crossing facing the road should be enough, although you could get some muppet who just likes to stand at crossings all day with no intention of crossing. :D Reminds me of trigger happy tv, when he used to dress up as snail and crawl across zebra crossing, so funny.
  12. Cameras Drivers And Cyclists

    Stick your foot out, LOL. Its like the mums who push their pushchairs into the road before them, whats thats all about.
  13. Cameras Drivers And Cyclists

    They dont have to be crossing a Zebra crossing, if they are standing on the pavement waiting to cross you should give them the right of way.
  14. Cameras Drivers And Cyclists

    Highway code: Rules for pedestrians. 1. Pavements (including any path along the side of a road) should be used if provided. Where possible, avoid being next to the kerb with your back to the traffic. If you have to step into the road, look both ways first. Always show due care and consideration for others. end off. :) I think I'll buy a copy and keep it with me, just in case I 'bump' into her again.