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  1. Happy Birthday Phillius!

  2. My Mk5 Zetec S

    Triple R splitter fitted and whilst the bumper was off, I re did the front fog lights.
  3. My Mk5 Zetec S

    So, decided on a few things recently, sourced out some rails for the seats from GSM Performance, so they'll be getting bought soon and fitted to rid the car of the horrific seats. And took some paint to the wheels, and also took the side strips off, nothing that will make it faster on the track, but makes it better looking in my eyes. It's in for its MOT tomorrow and a service.......... Let's see what happens! I also bought a steering wheel because I could Next up hopefully is a Triple R front splitter and rear diffuser, then some exhaust bits, but it all depends on if my job is safe seeing as the company is selling itself to some American company.
  4. My Mk5 Zetec S

    I've been doing a little window shopping and started a list for next year.
  5. My Mk5 Zetec S

    Hi, I haven't been on here for a long time, actually surprised I still have the car (I usually get bored or they've died by now) but actually love this little car too much to get rid of it. Well here's my ZS, which I'm hoping to get track ready next year (it's also my daily car). Here it is at the moment, hoping to get cracking on things soon but need advice on places to get parts from, such as suspension upgrades and tuning. Yes, I has roof rack... Stripped it out. And in the process found many things, broken glass, spliff ends (I always seem to buy dodgy drug user second hand cars who've had a broken window!) and about £10 in change which went into my 3 month old daughters money box. It went to it's first show last weekend Anyone on here own this ST? Number plate is a give away of it being a possible member Now, I got given these seats a while back and I've been wanting to put them in but I cannot find for the life of me, any bases for them and the Fiesta seat bases are too small for them, anyone got an ideas?
  6. Project Sleeper

    First things first, de chavving!!!! Now, upon buying this car, I was most disappointed by the steering wheel! So I found someone who sells zs parts and then found out, they are meant to be badly colour co-ordinated, so I told the guy to leave it and like any sensible person (erm, the next comment will make that last comment of being sensible null and void), I broke out the black board paint and covered up all the !Removed!.
  7. So this is my 02 Fiesta Zetec se that I just bought, hoping to make fun of some Honda drivers, I used to love Hondas but recently, the owners seem to have ruined the ownership of them. I'm looking into tuning for the Zetec se and can't wait to see what I can get out of it as it is quite nippy as it is.
  8. Hi

    Cheers, yeah, bar the very faded badge, she's a tidy car. Need to sort the front discs and pads out and the rear, lower bushes (handles like a dog with wobbly back legs!) but apart from that, it's pretty smart, definitely loving being back in a Fezbomb :)
  9. Hi

    New to the forum. I recently bought, well, last friday to be precise, my new Fiesta Zetec se. It's 2002 Mk5 model and I'm loving it. Here's some pictures of it.