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  1. Key Fob Not Working!

    Ok so the battery was in upside down. I am currently in disbelief,i actually paid them to put a battery in upside down. Worse bit is i parted with £5 pound for this, shame.
  2. Key Fob Not Working!

    Metal contacts inside the fob? Do you have a picture for reference?
  3. Key Fob Not Working!

    I have just come back from timpsons who replaced my key fob battery on my 2006 1.8 focus, but when i returned to the vehicle they car wouldn't even unlock/lock with the fob. I went back and they checked the battery was full, and since it worked before, the fob might not be the issue They suggested the car needs syncing with the car, at a high cost I left and returned home, read a bit here on these issues and I have tried re-programming the key by flipping the ignition back and forth 4 times for the audio cue, then pressing a button on the fob to re-program. This hasn't worked as the second beep doesn't occur. I tried looking for the Siemens receiver in the foot well so i could unplug it and plug it back in later. I couldn't locate it on this car. I tried the GEM test and the test showed it wasn't receiving or acknowledging my key fob (even though the thing worked this morning and every other morning for the past 8 years!!!) Before i go to fords on monday morning or timpsons, what are my options? Many thanks Additional update; Just read some of the fobs 'lose' their ability to unlock and lock the car . only solution is through a ford laptop! Can anyone confirm?
  4. 1.8tdci Juddering At Idle

    Bit more info on the matter, i turned the engine off and restarted it again after noticing, but after this quick restart the problem was gone. 2 hours later, again i have turned the car on and the problem is still gone. How strange, sometimes this car sounds like a dish washer at the 'bottom end' of the engine, this may have something to do with it. will keep this thread informed.
  5. 1.8tdci Juddering At Idle

    ye slave cylinder was done too, I didn't install it, my friend a truck mechanic did. Satch clutch and flywheel. I will speak with him, he may have the answers. Could it also be gearbox mountings?
  6. 1.8tdci Juddering At Idle

    Hi all Just noticed my car is behaving erratically when sat at idle with the clutch raised. With the clutch up the engine seems to judder and rock with a strange sound, but when i put it down it stops. the car drives fine, no problems what so ever. I had a new clutch and flywheel last august and only done 6000 miles since, so i doubt its that. Before i take it in, anyone got any good ideas what it could be? cheers
  7. Am I Wasting My Car?

    Hello, I own a 2006 1.8tdci with 76K on the clock. I have put 10k miles on it in 12 months but this is going to be much less as I have moved 4 miles from work. Am I wasting my car by driving such a short way? the route to work is on an A road, so I get 60 mph at least.
  8. My 1.8Tdci Egr Has Been Blanked Off!

    Thank, i am now less concerned. I drive to work and back each day and is 4 miles each way. The temp needle doesn't even register when arriving at work and and at home on my return journey. Are these short journeys going to create problems?
  9. From reading through your topic, I would advise dsmicoe to blank the EGR and clean the inlet manifold. I am amazed at the build up on the blanking plate you fitted after just 3 weeks! also his car reg is 2009, and someone in your post suggested there was a recall on tdci's between the years of 2008 to 2010 because of dodgey injectors. I still place my money on the EGR though.
  10. My 1.8Tdci Egr Has Been Blanked Off!

    The water temp was running closer to 90 before blanking the EGR at the intercooler.
  11. And so far it has been a wonderful improvement, acceleration is consistent without the splutter. I do have one concern however. My water temp is much lower after the mod, it barley gets past 60 on the gauge, even after a motorway drive! can this cause problems?
  12. Im not a mechanic but I would suggest it is the injectors rather than the turbo. But like i said im no mechanic, so for all i know it could be one of the more common focus tdci problematic parts; fuel pump dmf egr valve sticking - get it blanked off btw :) fuel fiter turbo injectors Still use the millers though, it will do no harm and may eventually reduce or cure the judder.
  13. 1.8Tdci - Where To Put The Egr Blank?

    Well Blank is in place and overall my acceleration is more constant, no more waiting around. As i didn't have any black smoke or other major issues as my car was running very well before installing, that is the only improvement I can tell but it is early days. The side effects of this is my engine doesn't get as warm as it used , it is now around 70-75 degrees as apposed to 85-90 from before install.
  14. Hi all 1.8t dci Mk2 My car is experiencing a little problem when it has be off for a long time and all latent heat has gone. Basically, I turn the power on, wait for the glow plug light to go out, and then 3-4 seconds after the glow plug light goes off, the red exclamation in a cog wheel light comes on (power train malfunction, so the hand book says). SO before even turning the engine on I am looking at this little red light. Starting the car and it remains. This red light is on only for a short while, once the engine has warmed enough (about half a mile of driving) the light goes off and all my power returns. If i allow the plug light to go out and then very quickly turn the engine on, the red light doesn't have chance to come on and consequently I can pull away with full power. It is almost like a sensor is tripping, but i don't know which one it will be. Or, the glow plug(s) is not warming the chamber(s) to the right temp. Any Ideas?
  15. 1.8Tdci - Where To Put The Egr Blank?

    On inspection I had a suspicion that a ratchet was only going to make small turns. My blank has finger slots, but a rule of thumb is to also change the gasket.