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  1. You might not be able to change the language, but you could try speaking to it in a Tony Ferrino accent . . .
  2. No pressure at an injector sounds like pump or filter but its difficult to tell from your brief description - shouldn't be battery if it turns over OK.
  3. Shift Indicator

    The Eco mode on my Ford shows a nice green Gunja plant which looses petals as the go pedal sinks deeper into the carpet. I'm getting the message 'chill man, have a smoke, REEELAX and enjoy da drive'. I didn't think Mondeos were like that, they're made in Belgium . . . . .
  4. What Have You Bought Your Ford For Christmas

    4 Conti WinterContact TS830P's - brilliant in the rain, not yet had any snow in Stafford!
  5. The plain fact is that we are governed by cretins!
  6. This last month has been an eye-opener - I don't do many long journeys having retired in January this year, apart from the dash from Northumberland to Dover with the caravan in tow in June and now I'm on a fixed income I have to watch the pennies so we catch the 4 am ferry and travel down on the M1/M25/M20 overnight. However, for the last four weekends I have been taking 'stuff' like three canoes, a trailer full of tools, boot full of house plants etc down to Staffordshire as we are moving house at the end of the month – and driving down in the daytime I am horrified by the parlous state of our major highways and the extended journey times because of all the roadworks. The M1 has no less than 3 long sections of roadworks between Leeds and Sheffield with three lanes into two and 50 mph, the bottom of the A19 where it joins the A1M is two lanes into one, the M6 has a section of three lanes into two at Tebay and 40mph (why not 50??) and to cap it all next month the M18/M1 junction is due for roadworks up the end of 2105! So the North of England and Scotland is virtually cut off. I accept that the Motorways have to be maintained but what really gets under the skin is that in every one of these lengthy roadwork sections one only ever sees three blokes in yellow safety jackets, one of whom is laying out yet more cones while the other two stand around scratching their 'nads! Why can't these roadworks be done 24/7 under arc lights like they do in France and Germany?? Note to Highways Agency GET A CHUFFING MOVE ON AND GET IT FINISHED!!
  7. Ford Winter Prep

    For all-seasons tyres take a look here on this link, go down the right hand side and find All Seasons Tyre Test 2013 http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2012-Auto-Bild-All-Season-Tyre-Test.htm
  8. Ford Lotus Engine Query???

    The 1558 cc Lotus twin cam was first developed for the Lotus Elan in the early 1960's (1962?) with a Harry Mundy designed chain driven twin overhead camshaft ally head on a 105E based bottom end and was made right up to 1975. It had a bore of 82.55mm and stroke of 72.75mm (over square). Your 701M-6015 is a Mk2 with a 6 bolt crank and square main bearing caps. If it has had a recent (good quality) rebuild it should be worth somewhere north of £1k, but give Burton Power a ring on 020 8518 9136 who can give you a better idea. The only question might be as to what mods have been made to the flywheel etc in getting it to fit the mini bell housing? I ran two Twink engines in the late '60's/early '70's - one was a Special Equipment Elan engine producing 122 bhp in an Anglia which I raced at Brands/Silverstone/Thruxton etc and the other was a mildly modded twin cam in a Mk 2 Lotus Cortina which I rallied. Hope the above info is of help.
  9. ACC is an option on Mk4 Titanium and Titanium X models (Titanium up to model year 2012) is set with a switch on the left hand side of the steering wheel which is the only way to tell if this is fitted. It would be impossible to see the radar sensor in a photo of the exterior of the car.
  10. Dimondbrite

    I am just grateful that my dealer (am I allowed to mention that its Arnold Clark??) was honest in letting me know about the Diamondbrite cost before I actually paid for the car! And yes, its a Mk1 GT 1500 crossflow with all of 78bhp, but it gave me several seasons of tarmac and forest stages rallying and I just wish I could get my hands on one today for what I sold it in 1968 (£400 if I remember!).
  11. I Just Cant Put It Down

    I thought thats what bedroom curtains were for??
  12. Dimondbrite

    I bought a brand new Mondeo Titanium from Ford Direct a month ago, and my Dealer actually advised against having the Diamondbrite option at £250, because its actually £30 of materials and 1 hour of labour to apply!
  13. The last bit first, front wheel drive = understeer, rear wheel drive = oversteer, thats that one out of the way! Heel and toe is actually kinder to the vehicle if done properly, reducing strain and wear on the transmission train especially on the drop from 3rd to 2nd. I do agree on two points: firstly it has to be done with precision and mechanical sensitivity which only comes with practice and secondly, its quite correct to say the action of the foot is one of 'rolling' from left to right, rather than using the heel and toe (on early F1 cars like the Maser 250F the accelerator was below and between the brake and clutch pedal which is where the 'heel and toe' bit came from). Its not a question of going b*lls out everywhere, it makes for smoother downshifts in all circumstances even driving at granny speeds.The part which I omitted in my first post, not wanting to complicate matters, is that the 'blip' on the throttle should ideally be done when the gearbox is in neutral with the clutch engaged in order for the main- and lay-shafts to be rotating at the same speeds: in other words what was known as 'double de-clutching' in the days of non-synchromesh gearboxes. However, this is not strictly necessary with today's synchro 'boxes and is therefore why I wrote in my original post that the clutch should be disengaged. I am afraid I have to admit to being old enough to remember driving 'crash' gearboxes, I took my PSV on a Leyland Tiger in 1966. Apart from a total absence of judgement when I bought a Toyota with a truly horrid flappy paddle gear change, I have driven manual gearboxes and have always used the rolling-foot heel and toe method of downshifting because I find it makes for a smoother drive. Its no big deal, I put up the original post about a £9.80 add-on for those who might be interested and have the skills to be able to use it!
  14. You don't have to be driving a Fiesta RS WRC on the RAC Rally to use a technique called 'heel and toe' to make smoother downshifts and increase safety by having better control of the car. A small 'blip' of the throttle between the gears helps to synchronise engine speed to the revs needed for the lower gear to engage more smoothly, and your passengers won't even realise you've gone down a cog as you approach the corner. With the toe of the right foot firmly on the brake, the clutch disengaged (important!) a touch on the accelerator with the heel of the foot brings the revs up and the lower gear slides in nicely. The problem on the Mondeo Mk 4 is that the accelerator pedal is too far away from the brake to be able to 'heel and toe' effectively. Ford can supply a nice set of 'race pedals', a snip at a mere £155 + VAT, but search the internet and one can buy a kit with all three pedals for £9.80 including P&P. You don't need the brake and clutch pedals, they can go in the recycle bin but the accelerator pedal which fits over the original does the job nicely, reducing the gap to the brake pedal, increasing the overall size and raising it towards the height of the brake pedal by 8mm so that one can now 'heel and toe' very effectively. The accessory pedal comes with two brackets which give a firm fit over the original accelerator pedal, but for added security I put in a 5mm No 4 self tapper which holds everything in place. Be sure to position the accessory pedal carefully so that at full travel it does not hit the carpet (ie make sure the accelerator can still hit the stop) and the gap between the brake and new, larger accelerator pedal is at least 40mm.
  15. Incorrect Alloys Fitted At Build

    Ford don't seem to know what they are building: three weeks ago I took delivery of a brand new Ford Direct Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TDCi 163 which is specced with 17" 10 spoke alloys, but when it turned up at the Dealers it had 18" 5 spokes. They are listed as an option at +£250 but I wasn't asked to pay any more and as they look so much nicer I am not complaining - some you win, some you loose.