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  1. Fiesta Ecoboost 125 Remap

    Just been on the phone to Autospecialists and they are looking for someone that wold be willing to let them use their car as a test car, they want to do a big intercooler, induction kit, crossover pipe and all that sort of good stuff. Unfortunatly I live to far away from them. But they have asked me to post on the forum that they are looking. http://www.autospecialists.co.uk/cart.php
  2. Fiesta Ecoboost 125 Remap

    Dont have a link as they havent updated their website but you can call them on 01245 392255. Hope this helps.
  3. Fiesta Ecoboost 125 Remap

    I agree as long as the car drives well thats the main thing, if you look at tuning on the Focus ST 2.5 you had tuning companys giving maps with big numbers but Mountune had a lower number but because of the way the power was produced was as fast if not faster. The main reason for my post is that there is now a tuning company producing Tuning Boxe's or remaps for all ford Ecoboost engines. These give similar performance increses to your remap but at a fraction of the cost and they are plug and play so warranty wont be void as they are untracable.
  4. Fiesta Ecoboost 125 Remap

    I have just been in contact with TDI Tuning, they will re map your car or you can choose to use one of their tuning boxes. I used to have one on my Jag and they are a good bit of kit. Talking to them they are saying a power increase of between 150bhp - 152 bhp and a torque figure of 204 N/M. These boxes are £289.99 and are plug and play so you can remove these when ever going to the Garage and they are completely untraceable which I can vouch for as Jaguar never knew I had one on my car. The other bonus for these is that as they are a plug and play management system none of the factory safety features are removed. I have ordered my new tuning box and it should arrive early next week. Also with these is that if you change your car you can have them re mapped for your next car. This is a good company and a good piece of kit and with the increase of power for the price is significantly cheaper than the Superchips Bluefin. Just another option which I would recommend.