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  1. Fuses

    Hi. I have just replaced mine and there is a diagram on the glove box when you finally manage to pull it out. My M7 manual does not have the diagram but does have a table showing the number which corresponds to the diagram under the glovebox, (but there's also a washer picture). Mine was third from the left near the bottom if I recall correctly. Hope this helps. Seems to be a real problem this winter!
  2. Manual unlocking of door not working

    Hi Tony Can understand your frustration as mine was same, but then scared to force further. Was even getting stories from dealer that some cars had different door locks to steering wheel barrels in error??!!!! However when took it in they squirted oil right into the lock with the wee tube on the can (sorry, not very technical!) and that was it after a little shoogle. Hope yours works out well as takes the edge off enjoying your new car, and you don't want it messed about with. As as aside, check out the door trims and stone chip postings. Had to get my front door trims changed as coming off and little see-through plastic strips at the bottom of the back doors... Best of luck and enjoy what really is a great car despite all the snags! Nat
  3. Manual unlocking of door not working

    Hi. I had the same problem when I got my new (now old 09!) and got various stories after my numerous phonecalls to the garage. I eventually went to them and all the lock needed was oil!!!!! Obv rather embarrassed but for once a problem was sorted without numerous trips.... Good luck!
  4. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Really sorry to hear about all your problems and I too share your concerns. My 06 Zetec's left spring gave way when slowing and turning into my drive. A few months later I went out to discover the right spring had broken (still wonder if force when left broke damaged the right). The car was very fortunately still under warranty but when I voiced my concerns I was told this only even happens when stationary or moving very slowly so not to worry - not sure how confident I feel after reading the post about travelling at 40mph. I bit the bullet and decided to get a new one so hoping for no repeats, even if still under warranty. Ford should have recalled, as twice is too many times on a car around the 12k miles mark, never mind all you guys plus those it has happened to who don't even know about the forum. However, as an aside, I have work colleagues who have Peugeot and Vauxhall and this has happened to them too. They were told potholes to blame... Just wanted to share and wish you all safe driving and every success with Ford.
  5. spare Key

    Hi. Well after numerous phonecalls re the same problem and getting various stories, I eventually went to the garage today.... All the lock needed was oil!! OIL!!?????!!! Not sure whether to be embarrassed or happy. Need to go and find something new to moan about now.... Good luck!