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  1. Guide to fitting additonal 12v supply in mk2/2.5 dash storage compartment

    Whats with the missing pictures? cant see any thing?
  2. 2.0Ltr Diesel Engine Rattle?

    Hi Guys, update on this, just had it returned by local EMG garage and I've been told that the issue was the brake pipe was rattling on another pipe I think he said it was the inter-cooler pipe but i'm not sure. Not driven her yet so will have to see if this is true, but if this was the cause then I am very happy with them for sorting this out so quickly, Felt bad having sent the car back with a list of faults and they have covered them all. all for free including collection and return and they even washed her. couldn't have asked for better service
  3. Back to work, oh the joys lol

  4. Handbrake Travel

    Good morning, can anyone tell me what may be wrong with my handbrake? It works fine, not ever had it fail (I have not tried to pull away with it engaged) the only thing is that 50% of the time the lever pulls almost all the way up. the other times it pulls maybe 4-6 clicks and sits at the usual height. In both cases the car does not roll or move. when the lever pulls right to the top it feels as though there is no resistance, it is quite a shock if your not expecting it (nearly knocked my passenger out lol) Any ideas?
  5. 2.0Ltr Diesel Engine Rattle?

    I have spoken to the dealer and there going to look at the faults on Friday, all going well I will update once I know more.
  6. 2.0Ltr Diesel Engine Rattle?

    I have had the bonnet open and with assistance had the engine rev, it is definately coming from the engine area but its difficult to pin point with out removing all the covers and while its under warranty i'm worried about damaging anything and invalidating it all.
  7. 2.0Ltr Diesel Engine Rattle?

    Good morning, I'm hoping that someone may be able to advise on what this may be, I have a 2.0ltr TDCi and we recently took her on holiday, while changing gear I experienced a strange rattle noise while changing gear, the rattle slowly got worse as our holiday went on. The noise occurs between 2500 and 3000 rpm, it can be replicated by revving engine while stationary (Clutch has no effect), it happens for a few seconds while changing gear and can be really loud. I have only had the car just over a month and i'm worried that the noise could be caused by turbo flutter or something similarly expensive? my first thought when I heard it was that a heat shield or cover was loose but the fact it got worse then seemed to stoped for a few hours I fear its not something so simple? My experience is that noises like this never fix them selves and I am worried that I will be told that what ever the fault is its not covered under the warranty Cheers for any help you can offer Carl
  8. Guide To Fitting Rear Parking Sensors Focus Mk2.5

    Cheers for all the great advice, I will be painting them just need to build up the nerve to attack them. I cant seem to find a step by step guide for painting them, just really worried that I will make them useless by over doing it. cheers again for all your help guys
  9. OMG holiday for 10 days cant wait

  10. Guide To Fitting Rear Parking Sensors Focus Mk2.5

    Great Guide Preee, This was my first modification, and having your guide made it a 20 minute job, much faster than when I installed them to the Galaxy. no need to mark up or even remove the bumper. that was so easy. the only thing i have found is my car is Avalon in colour, they don't make them in this colour as standard so brought silver ones. don't look too bad but i'm thinking of re-painting them, any suggestions on hows the best way of going about that?
  11. New Member Introduction

    Good morning guys, Hello, thanks for creating a great site, have already found so many ideas for my focus mk2.5 that I am sure I will get round to :) already used some guides to enhance my Ford experience including fitting reversing sensors and single unlock feature enabled (cheers guys the guides are very helpful) I have had a couple of Fords in my past. moved away for a few years but recently have brought a 2008 mk2.5 2.0l dtci. And I must say I think its a great car. a few tweeks and im sure it will be perfect. looking forward to contributing any way I can and will continue to wade through the huge amount of information available on here. Cheers Carl