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  1. HI How do i change my settings so i dont get sent an email evry time someone posts a new message? My inbox is getting clogged up!!!!
  2. Carlos

    Marley & Me

    i cried too. over £40 for us to watch that cr**!
  3. isnt this 'dial sweep' indicating a problem with a low battery?
  4. i think we're all in agreement here. More pics please Debs!!!!!!!!!! :P
  5. guilty as charged, i'm a "sad idiot", but at least im a sad idiot with a sense of humour! Its common knowledge (at least i thought it was) that Ford diesels are noisierr than most. Perhaps you could post up a sound clip so we could all have a listen?
  6. "Can anyone tell me please what the problem may be?" Yes. It's a ford diesel!...sorry couldn't resist!!!
  7. what are the true mpg figures for a 2.0 TDCi Mondeo? (2003+) and what do people actually get? Think ford claim combined of 47.8 cheers
  8. Hi all Names Carl or Carlos 36 years old (ouch!) Drive a focus estate yes, that means im married with kids! 3 of the little limpets too! Im from Manchester (la la la) but live in Oldham :( (its the wife's fault!!) Work in a lab for a faceless american global corporation ( i dont wanna talk about it!)
  9. Carlos

    Radio code?

    Did the trick, muchos gracias!
  10. Oh god!! thats even worse then!!!!!
  11. Carlos

    Marley & Me

    Took the kids to watch this last night, at the wifes request i hasten to add! Going by the trailor you'd think it was a kids film *SPOILER WARNING* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .It is not! it's long, dull, and certainly not one for "the kids" You have been warned!!
  12. Carlos

    Tyre Pressure

    whats the figure of '45' referring to at the end of the table??
  13. Mine's called Jade, because it's...No, i'd better stop there!
  14. the garage that did the comp test gave an estimate of £900 to fix the engine, but they said they'd obviously have to strip the engine to find out exactly what was wrong. The problem with this is i'd have to commit to them doing the work, or at least pay them for the labour in stripping/rebuilding the engine to just find the fault. Getting a recon engine would cost similar, so i just need to get rid asap. The garage have offered me £300 for it, so if i dont get a better offer before the end of next week i'll reluctantly accept it. I've no idea what its true value at the moment is, but if they're offering £300 my guess is its more than that! Shame as it'd make a great project car for someone! anyone here want to make a better offer? ;)
  15. As you may be aware from my previous posts, my Focus has an engine problem that will be financially uneconomical to fix (so the garage told me!). eg. no compression in # 4 cylinder, causing misfire etc. I've bought a new car, and the garage wasn't interested in p/x so i'm left with the Focus. It's a 1999 1.6 Zetec estate in silver, 86k on the clock FSH, 4 months MOT, 9 months tax, only had its cambelt changed last July, and apart from the engine its in excellent condition. D'you think i should advertise it privately and what price would be reasonable to ask for? Any ideas wouyld be greatly appreciated
  16. i'm selling/trading in my focus, so i'll be putting the original 6000 cd player back, only thing is i dont know the code! Can anyone help? serial # is M069600 Cheers
  17. latest news from the garage is: compression test results: cylinder 1 @ 6 bar cylinder 2 @ 12 bar cylinder 3 @ 12 bar cylinder 4 @ 0 bar! estimate for repair= £900 anyone know what time the next bus is???
  18. Hi again and thanks for the replies. Been off work with a knackered back, so havn't had much time to look at the car. What i have noticed though is it was very low on oil. Topped it up, but its still 'dog rough'. Very jerky/stuttery on idle, still got the vibration but not as bad. and when driving in low revs very little power, and when you floor the accelerator (in low revs) engine starts to die. Funny thing is though, it cruises at high speed fine! no vibration and seems to run quite smoothly (as long as you give it gas gently!) btw, how do i check the coil pack?
  19. first off new member so hi all! Got a 1.6 zetec estate. had it nearly 4 years, 86k on the clock, serviced every year cambelt changed for first time last july. ok so here's the problem, driving family back to Oldham after a day out near halifax. Noticed the car was struggling a lot more than normal getting up the steep hills onto the top of the moors. Reached the top of the hill (just!!) and think to myself "this is not good"!. pull into a layby and notice lots of engine vibration on idle and the engine sounds very rough. Decide to risk it home as it's bl**dy freezing outside, hailstones coming down horizontally, we're right on the top of saddleworth moors, and still about 7-8 miles from home! Get home luckily, but the car sounds very poorly! Not exactly an expert on engines so couldn't guess what the problem could be, anyone have any idea's?? ps. when it had the cambelt changed last year, the garage cocked it up big style! they forgot to replace the crank pulley bolt with a new one, so it slipped and damaged the top end. damage was done, but they fixed it all. could this have something to do with the problem? even though the cars done 8k since? Thanks in advance. Carlos